Die erstaunliche Wirkung von Glück

Susann Rehlein

Die erstaunliche Wirkung von Glück


318 pages
Erstmals im Taschenbuch
First day of sale: 20.11.2019
ISBN 978-3-8321-6386-0

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A Novel, ca. 250pp.
Autumn 2015

A strange villa, a bunch of crazy old folk, a ravishing outsider and love with a capital ‘L’.

A modern fairy tale, full of humour and delightful original ideas

Sometimes you just need a gentle shove in the right direction...

This is the story of Dorle. She lives in Berlin in a 20sq m basement flat of a grand house, which is otherwise inhabited by old, grumpy aristocrats from Charlottenburg. Working from home, she puts together glass chandeliers for a candelabra manufacturer. And she allows herself to be used as a concierge by her neighbours, even though she isn’t the concierge – what else are you supposed to do when eight flowerpots are suddenly dumped on your doorstep with a sign saying: ‘Please water. Am on holiday. Regards Bock.’

Yet Dorle is undemanding and content with her life. In contrast to Annegret Sonne, 84 years old, and full of life. When Mrs Sonne sets off for a three-month trip, she asks Dorle to housesit her flat. But only under the condition that Dorle does exactly the same things that the old lady did to make her life fun: watch films in bed and eat chocolates, attend wellness and yoga classes and cook delicious recipes. Dorle even suddenly has dates. Fair enough, the men are all over eighty, but they treat her like a lady. Consequently Joe, Dorle’s only friend, who delivers the crystals to her every week, has his hands full trying to remain in the running. But this would not be a good story if there were not a few detours to the Happy End, right?

Susann Rehlein works as a journalist and editor and lives in Berlin.

Susann Rehlein

Susann Rehlein, geboren in Leipzig, hat Germanistik und Slawistik studiert. Sie arbeitet als Journalistin und Lektorin und lebt in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Bei DuMont erschien bislang ›Die erstaunliche Wirkung von Glück‹ (2015).