Der Trümmermörder

Cay Rademacher

Der Trümmermörder


336 pages
Original edition
First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6154-5

A Crime Novel, Ca. 352 pp.

English sample translation available!

“Rademacher raises profound questions about individual justice against a backdrop of mass murder. Undoubtedly the most powerful work of crime fiction I have read this year.” Jane Jakeman, The Independent

“You better dress warm: Cay Rademacher’s thriller tells the story of the bitter cold winter of 1946/47, and so realistically that you are likelier to get frostbite than goose pimples.” Brigitte

“A compelling read, as much a historical novel as a crime novel, "The Rubble Murders" creates life in post-war Hamburg under British occupation. (...) The story is gripping, the language forceful, the setting absorbing. A spine-tingling portrayal of how the defeated interact with their victors.” New Books in German

“A highly worthwhile example of German crime literature.” ORF

“A gripping, in-depth historical crime novel.” Ostthüringer Zeitung

A serial killer in post-war Hamburg
Contemporary German history packed in a thrilling crime novel
Based on an authentic case

Hamburg 1947: the city lies in ruins. It is the coldest winter of the century. The peo-ple try to survive as best they can. And then a corpse is discovered between the rub-ble: a young woman, naked, no clues. Chief inspector Stave has little hope of solving the case amidst the post-war turmoil despite the assistance offered him by Lothar Maschke from the vice squad and Lieutenant MacDonald from the British administra-tion. A second body is soon discovered. And then a third – Stave is grateful for any help he can get in his hunt for a savage killer.
Cay Rademacher brings an exciting and authentic case from Hamburg in the 1946/47 winter of hunger to life.

Rights sold: English World (Arcadia Books); French World (Le Masque); Spanish World (Edi-ciones Maeva)

Cay Rademacher

Cay Rademacher, geboren 1965, ist freier Journalist und Autor. Bei DuMont erschienen seine Kriminalromane aus dem Hamburg der Nachkriegszeit: ›Der Trümmermörder‹ (2011), ›Der Schieber‹ (2012) und ›Der Fälscher‹ (2013). Seine Provence-Krimiserie umfasst: ›Mörderischer Mistral‹ (2014), ›Tödliche Camargue‹ (2015), ›Brennender Midi‹ (2016), ›Gefährliche Côte Bleue‹ (2017), ›Dunkles Arles‹ (2018) und ›Verhängnisvolles Calès‹ (2019) . Zuletzt erschien der Kriminalroman ›Ein letzter Sommer in Méjean‹ (2019). Cay Rademacher lebt mit seiner Familie in der Nähe von Salon-de-Provence in Frankreich.