Herzlich willkommen?i?

Danko Rabrenovi?

Herzlich willkommen?i?

Heimatgeschichten vom Balkanizer

192 pages
Original edition
First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6332-7

HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN?I?. Heimatgeschichten vom Balkanizer/

ca.200 pp.
Spring 2015
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‘Welcome?i?’ is anything but the blue-eyed, politically correct celebration of a successful integration and existing multi culturalism. In reality, this integration report has a surprising amount of rough edges. And a hell of a lot of humour.’ -Martin Oehlen, Kölner Stadtanzeiger

It is so easy to be a German or a Yugo. But to be a human being is the most difficult thing of all.

?evap?i?i and Sauerkraut – a journey between two worlds
From eco-Germans to turbo-Balkanites - Danko Rabrenovi? is an interpreter of souls

Danko Rabrenovi? serves up a selection of autobiographical stories and illuminates his everyday life between two worlds, Germany and the Balkans. He talks of eco-Germans and turbo-Balkanites and asks himself what it actually means when his neighbours never call by because they ‘don’t want to disturb his privacy’. And he remembers the day when his eight-year-old daughter no longer felt like being ‘the German’ in the family and asked them to get her a Croatian passport.

This book is a humorous journey that shows us how implicitly people can feel at home in several different cultures. Danko Rabrenovi? toys with cultural contrasts, but also shows what a symbiosis of both worlds can look like. In his stories, home is no longer a geographical coordinate but a feeling.


Danko Rabrenović

Danko Rabrenović works as an author and radio presenter with the WDR. He is also the singer and guitarist of the Balkan-Ska-band “Trovaći”. He comes from a Yugoslavian journalist family. As a child he spent three years in China, where his parents were working as foreign correspondents. He came to Germany shortly before the Balkan War broke out – and stayed, in order to avoid being called up. He studied English and media studies at the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf.