Das Glücksbüro

Andreas Izquierdo

Das Glücksbüro


272 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6225-2

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A novel
about 224 pages
Spring 2013

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“The Happiness Office is a novel with a magical touch, an unconventional love story, and the tale of how a man’s ordered life is transformed – for the better – once he is prepared to open up to a little of life’s unpredictability.” new books in german (spring 2013)

“Izquierdo creates a work of art out of making bureaucracies something magical. The story is witty and thrilling at the same time, told casually and without frills … a touching fairy tale about a man who wraps himself in red tape and finds his princess in the end.” - Kölner Stadtanzeiger

“Andreas Izquierdo writes with such a sense for the beautiful that even the filling out of bureau-cratic forms becomes a magical procedure.” – Neue Westfälische

“Told in a straightforward and uncomplicated fashion, it is a cheerfully thrilling, tragic melanchol-ic story that you can’t be put down once you’ve started.” - Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

“A novel about a bureaucrat that could not be any more eccentric, romantic and magical. He changes one’s views of work, colleagues and happiness. Read this book! Before, after – or if you have to, while at work!” - Express

“Magical. Izquierdo writes with such sensitivity and elegance that even the filling out bureaucratic forms sounds like poetry.” - Freundin

Albert and Anna: a charming and unconventional love story

Albert Glück is strange fellow. He is a little bit over 50 years old, a little bit dry and works for the office of administrative affairs – the mother of all bureaucracies, you might say. His world is made up of forms, stamps and manuals. And he feels at home in this world. And very literally as well because Albert does not only work there, he also lives there. Unbeknownst to all, he has settled in a room in the basement and spends his days peacefully in the unvarying rhythms of this unreal place. But one day Albert’s meticulously maintained order is disturbed. An application lands on his desk, an impossible one because it does not apply for anything! Albert does everything he can to rid himself of the matter, but to no avail: it keeps returning to his desk. He is left with no other choice than to get to the heart of the matter by going to see the applicant. And this is how Albert meets Anna Sugus, an artist in her late thirties and pretty wild. Anna does not believe in too much order, turning Albert’s world upside down in the process. It is the start of a wonderful love story …

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Andreas Izquierdo

Andreas Izquierdo was born in 1968. He has published, among other works, the novel “König von Albanien” (2007), which was awarded the Sir Walter Scott Prize for best historical novel of the year, and the novel “Apocalypsia” (2010), which received the Lovelybooks Reader’s Prize in silver for the best book of 2010 and selected as book of the year by Vorablesen.de. With DuMont he has published the novels "Das Glücksbüro" (The Happiness Bueearu) and "Der Club der Traumtänzer" (The Dreamer's Club).