Beschreibung einer Krabbenwanderung

Karosh Taha

Beschreibung einer Krabbenwanderung


240 pages

First day of sale: 28.01.2020
ISBN 978-3-8321-9880-0

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A Novel, ca. 250 pp., Spring 2018
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Eloquent, poetic and insightful - and at the same time, with enormous impact, outspoken and witty

On the struggle to lead your own life and the search for your place in the world

Sanaa is twenty-two. She is a student, has a boyfriend and lover, and has her dreams. Everything might be wonderful if it wasn’t for the reality that constantly pinches her when she is dreaming – like the crabs back in Iraq that she cannot forget, who used to pinch her when she bathed in the river. The reality she lives in consist of: Sanaa’s mother, Asiya, a shadow of her former self, because she is suffering from severe depression. Her father, Nasser, who is estranged from his family, and has taken refuge in an affair. Her sister Helin, who is young, angry and disorientated. And her aunt Khalida, who sits smoking cigarettes on the sofa with a friend for days on end and has things firmly under control. Sanaa rebels against the constrictions of her environment, struggling to breathe and have her own freedom. Yet she cannot escape the responsibility she feels for her family and her desire for everything to turn out right. So she takes care of them all, trying to heal their wounds. Until suddenly, the freedom that she has fought for is threatened.

Karosh Taha, one of the most powerful new voices in recent years, enters the stage of German-speaking contemporary literature. In an intoxicating, eloquent and sensual voice, but in turn unsparingly and directly, she tells of a life in limbo: lived between freedom and responsibility, memory and future, myth and reality. Portrait of a Wandering Crab presents unforgettable characters for whom the reader longs for nothing less than their safe arrival at the end of a long journey.

Karosh Taha

Karosh Taha was born in 1987 in the small town of Zaxo in North Iraq. In 1992, her parents decided to emigrate to Europe due to the uncertain political situation for the Kurds. Her father travelled on ahead and in 1997, he was granted permission for his family to join him. Since then, Karosh Taha has lived in the Ruhrgibiet and studied to be a teacher of English and history at the University of Duisburg-Essen and in Kansas, USA. She has received several scholarships for her achievements and active involvement in social programmes, including the Study Scholarship of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Portrait of a Wandering Crab is her first novel.