Nichtstun ist keine Lösung

Hilal Sezgin

Nichtstun ist keine Lösung

Politische Verantwortung in Zeiten des Umbruchs

160 pages

First day of sale: 05.06.2020
ISBN 978-3-8321-9881-7

NICHTSTUN IST KEINE LÖSUNG. Politische Verantwortung in Zeiten des Umbruchs/
Political Responsibility in Times of Upheaval
Non-Fiction, 160pp.
Autumn 2017

Encourage more courage!

A Plea for ethics of fellowship and solidarity

“The book encourages – to joint political action, everybody according to his abilities. (…) Moreover it is a plea for absolute respect for human dignity.” – Stephan Lessenich, Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Elegantly written without taking the moral high ground.” – Robert Matthies, taz
When The Good Do Nothing, The World Belongs To The Bad

It has become commonplace: Images of children murdered in Syria or drowned in the Mediterranean, right-wing populist marches, cheap clothing made by the hands of underpaid seamstresses. We often just want to look away, switch off. We carry around this feeling of embarrassment, and often do … nothing. Because we think the discussions are not worth having. But also because we know that we cause friction and are defamed as do-gooders. Those who criticise and get involved are quickly considered to be naïve.
There are many voices that tell us why good cannot be done – in our heads, too. The philosopher Hilal Sezgin contradicts them and shows why it is worth taking a stance – for a tolerant, democratic, more just society and for ourselves. She makes a case for ethics where dogmatism, rivalry and sacrifice do not have priority, but rather concerted action towards a better world. She emboldens the reader to have courage.

Hilal Sezgin

Hilal Sezgin, geboren 1970 in Frankfurt am Main, studierte Philosophie sowie Soziologie und Germanistik und ein bisschen Biologie; M.A. 1995. Sie begann 1996 als Praktikantin und freie Mitarbeiterin beim Hessischen Rundfunk und arbeitete ab 1999 sieben Jahre lang im Feuilleton der Frankfurter Rundschau. 2007 zog Sezgin in die Lüneburger Heide, um mehr Bücher zu schreiben. Seither arbeitet sie als freie Autorin für viele Medien, z. B. die taz, Frankfurter Rundschau, Berliner Zeitung, DIE ZEIT, zeitonline, NDR und WDR.