Gefährliche Côte Bleue

Cay Rademacher

Gefährliche Côte Bleue

Ein Provence-Krimi mit Capitaine Roger Blanc (4)

320 pages

First day of sale: 27.01.2021
ISBN 978-3-8321-9828-2

A Novel, ca. 304 pp., Spring 2017
SPIEGEL Bestseller

‘Readers will be as captivated by Rademacher’s description of Blanc’s adjustment to village life as they will by the well-constructed mystery. Highly recommended for fans of international crime fiction…’ Booklist starred review on Cay Rademacher’s “Murderous Mistral”

“This ingenious story about a trip to the south of France stays exciting until the end. Cay Rademacher on top form.” Annemarie Stoltenberg, NDR KULTUR

“A clever, passionately written crime thriller with depth.” MÜNCHNER MERKUR

“Cay Rademacher dives with DuMont into the world of wreck diving, where sinking ships are illegally plundered.” BUCHREPORT

“Off to the Provence! Beautiful, bloodthirsty – but in any case, exciting”
Horst Steinfelt, BUCHKULTUR

Captain Roger Blanc and his colleague Marius Tonon are convinced they have misunderstood the details of their new assignment: They are supposed to protect divers in the Côte Bleue, the wild, indented Mediterranean coastline, while they are working beneath the sea’s surface. A routine job on the turquoise sea, along a pine-studded craggy coast? Too amazing to be true. However, the idyllic job is soon darkened by a horrifying discovery: A dead diver bobs in the water, a harpoon in his right eye. Everything points toward a terrible accident that seems rather odd in its banality. Blanc investigates the incident and discovers that Luc Mignaux, the dead man, was one of the wreck divers off the coast of Marseille. These are specialized divers who plunder centuries-old, sunken ships and then sell their booty to wealthy collectors. A line of work just as illegal as it is dangerous. And one that is despised by fisherwoman and eco-activist Christin Antues… However, when she also turns up dead, one thing is clear: Blanc is once again knee deep in a new case.

Rights to previous titles of the series sold to: St. Martin’s Press (English World); Ediciones Maeva (Spanish World);

Cay Rademacher

Cay Rademacher, born in 1965, is a freelance journalist and author. His mystery novels set in post-war Hamburg ‘Der Trümmermörder‘ (The Murderer in the Ruins), ‘Der Schieber‘ (The Wolf Children), ‘Der Fälscher‘ (The Forger) are published by Dumont. His Provence mystery novel series includes ‘Mörderischer Mistral‘ (Murderous Mistral), 2014, ‘Tödliche Camargue‘ (Deadly Camargue), 2015, ‘Brennender Midi‘ (Burning Midi), 2016, ‘Gefährliche Côte Bleue‘ (Dangerous Côte Bleue), 2017, and ‘Dunkles Arles‘ (Dark Arles), 2018 and 'Verhängnisvolles Calès' (Fateful Calès), 2019. His stand-alone 'Ein letzter Sommer in Méjean' (One Last Summer in Méjean) was published in 2019. Cay Rademacher lives with his family in the vicinity of Salon-de-Provence, France.