Die Verdächtige

Judith Kuckart

Die Verdächtige


288 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-8072-0


Novel, about 240 pages
Autumn 2008

“A master in the dissection of disturbing emotions.”

Can a police investigator fall in love with the suspect?

Robert is 39 years old, looks like George Clooney and works for the homicide squad. He met his wife during a traffic check, but she has just left him. And then a woman comes to him at the police station about whom everything was strange, and not only the rhubarb collar of her coat.

Marga Burg wants to report a missing person. She was at the funfair with her boyfriend Mathias; he boarded the ghost train along and never came out again: “He was simply gone, like a fist disappears when you open your hand.”

Robert sets off in search of him. Along with his perky female colleague Nico he encounters the secret rules of the funfair people, a childish blubberbutt as well as a man whose job is discovering unconventional places. Und wherever he goes he meets Marga, who becomes even more enigmatic that closer he gets to her.

Judith Kuckart has written a grandiose novel: subtly and with a light hand she has shaped a mystery novel that that holds the reader in its spell. And “Die Verdächtige” is also such great literature that every single sentence is pleasurable.

Rights sold to: Peoples Literature Publishing House (Mainland China)

Judith Kuckart

Judith Kuckart, geboren 1959 in Schwelm (Westfalen), lebt als Autorin und Regisseurin in Berlin und Zürich. Sie veröffentlichte bei DuMont den Roman ›Lenas Liebe‹ (2002), der 2012 verfilmt wurde, den Erzählband ›Die Autorenwitwe‹ (2003), die Neuausgabe ihres Romans ›Der Bibliothekar‹ (2004) sowie die Romane ›Kaiserstraße‹ (2006), ›Die Verdächtige‹ (2008), ›Wünsche‹ (2013) und ›Dass man durch Belgien muss auf dem Weg zum Glück‹ (2015). Judith Kuckart wurde mit zahlreichen Literaturpreisen und Stipendien ausgezeichnet.