Die Weihnachtsgeschwister

Alexa Hennig von Lange

Die Weihnachtsgeschwister


144 pages

First day of sale: 24.10.2020
ISBN 978-3-8321-9775-9

A Novel, ca. 180 pp.
Autumn 2019

‘Systemic family constellations on Christmas Eve’
Insa Wilke, WDR 3 Gutenbergs Welt

‘A nice Christmas story, reflecting modern life, not just sugar-coating it with snow, but showing it with all its conflicts. For me, Alexa Hennig von Lang’s story is just great.’
Annemarie Stoltenberg, NDR

»Alexa Hennig von Lange wrote a nice and clever story about a family, a story that leaves you with the comforting feeling that you are not alone with all this madness.’
Katharina Kluin, STERN

‘Conflicts across three generations may seem trite [...] and yet readers will easily find their emotional place here. The author offers great explanations for why this all happens, or has to happen, every year. Without using expert jargon, Alexa Hennig von Lange talks about regression, well-rehearsed patterns, projection, jealousy and family dynamics.’

Come All Ye Children

The day before Christmas Eve – Tamara, Ingmar and Elisabeth load their children, presents and partners into their cars and drive ’home’ in order to celebrate Christmas with their parents. Snow is falling softly from the sky, and for a moment the sight of the familiar home raises the hope of a peaceful holiday. But just like every year, the idyllic atmosphere breaks down as soon as they are all gathered around the table: Tamara is jealous of Elisabeth, who not only is more successful in her career and enjoys the freedom of choosing her own path, no, now she has also dragged along this attractive new boyfriend. Ingmar on the other hand is annoyed with Tamara’s lack of interest in her fellow human beings and climate change, and Elisabeth, as always, tries to be nice to everyone – which only makes it all a lot worse.
After one night in a hotel they all reconvene at their parents’ home for Christmas Eve. But much to the siblings’ surprise, the house is deserted. Where are the parents? Irritated, the three search the entire house. And find a message in the fridge. It contains just one sentence, a magical sentence. In order to understand it, they embark on a hunt around their childhood home...

A Christmas story about the magic that connects us with our family – and how we can rediscover it

Alexa Hennig von Lange

Alexa Hennig von Lange, born in 1973, became one of the most successful authors of her generation with her debut novel ›Relax‹ in 1997. This was followed by numerous other novels, stories, plays and YA books. DuMont published the novels ›Risiko‹ (2007) and ›Peace‹ (2009). Alexa Hennig von Lange was awarded the German YA Literature Prize in 2001. She lives in Berlin with her husband and five children.