Weihnachten in der wundervollen Buchhandlung

Petra Hartlieb

Weihnachten in der wundervollen Buchhandlung

160 pages

First day of sale: 06.06.2020
ISBN 978-3-8321-9887-9

ca. 150 pp., with b/w illustrations
Autumn 2018

Red alert in the bookshop – it’s Christmas - as told by a bookseller

»A declaration of love – to literature, its authors and all enthusiastic readers.«
Süddeutsche Zeitung on Meine wundervolle Buchhandlung


For a long time, Christmas was one of the nicest days of the year for Petra Hartlieb – until she became the owner of a bookshop. Now Christmas starts at the beginning of November. Together with her colleague Eva, she spends one entire evening stacking and clearing until the wonder is complete and the bookshop is bursting with wares: every table, every shelf, every tiny space is filled with books for Christmas. The clients can come. And they come in hoards – and often in panic. They ask obscure questions, play silly title guessing games with the booksellers, are rushed, desperate and sometimes simply just grateful.

Many regulars have become good friends and bring much needed sustenance, help in every form as well as cheerfulness. And so, even the worst time of the year has nice moments. But for Petra Hartlieb, the most wonderful day of the year is still the 24th December – by 1pm the lights in the shop go off and it’s all over. For a year.

Petra Hartlieb was born in Munich in 1967 and grew up in Austria. She studied psy-chology and history and then worked as a press aide and literary critic in Vienna and Hamburg. In 2004, she took over a traditional Viennese bookshop in the borough of Währing, now ‘Hartliebs Bücher’. Her bestselling novel ›Meine wundervolle Buch-handlung‹ (DuMont 2014) tells of this experience. Petra Hartlieb is the author of sev-eral other novels, most recently ›Wenn es Frühling wird in Wien‹ (DuMont 2018).

Rights to “Meine wundervolle Buchhandlung” sold to: Ciela (Bulgarian), Beijing Creative Art Times International (Simplified Chinese Characters); Cactus Books (Dutch), SOLBITKIL (Korean), Periferica (Spanish World), Timaş (Turkish);

Petra Hartlieb

Petra Hartlieb, born in Munich in 1967, grew up in Upper Austria. She studied psychology and history and subsequently worked as a press officer and literary critic in Vienna and Hamburg. In 2004, she took over a traditional bookshop in Vienna’s Währing district, now called Hartlieb’s Books. This is the story she tells in her book ‘Meine wundervolle Buchhandlung’ (My Wonderful Bookshop), published in 2014 by DuMont. The same bookshop plays a central role in her novels ‘Wenn es Frühling wird in Wien’ (When Spring Comes to Vienna), and "Sommer in Wien" (Summer in Vienna).