Daniel Goeudevert


Wie Wirtschaft und Politik den Wandel verschlafen

270 pages

First day of sale: 18.01.2021
ISBN 978-3-8321-8110-9

SACKGASSE. Wie Wirtschaft und Politik den Wandel verschlafen/
DEAD END. How Economists and Politicians are Sleepwalking Through Change
Non-Fiction, ca. 224 pages
Spring 2020

“Our problem isn’t the lower class, it’s the upper class!” Daniel Goeudevert

Goeudevert provides concrete solutions. Car nation Germany will only achieve a course reversal if it embraces diversity.

“Goeudevert’s writing is always thought-provoking, and he always takes the long view.” Hans Leyendecker, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Nothing is as dated as yesterday’s success

The car emissions scandal, the end of coal mining, the weak performance of the chemical and steel industry, and of electrical engineering – the key industries of the German economy are at a dead end. There may still be some glittering façades, but the inner light has been switched off. The industrial age that led us to unimaginable success and great wealth for the last 200 years, is coming to an end. But the leaders of our economy and the politicians of the large popular political parties keep the engines of yes-terday running. If we continue as before, we are heading for a crash. Today’s efforts to preserve success don’t leave enough energy for the necessary exit strategy.
Former top manager Daniel Goeudevert not only illustrates impressively where our clinging to well-established strategies will lead us but also manages to show us concrete approaches to solutions.
A perfect example for the current crisis, and the unsettled condition of our present situation is the state of the once so highly renowned German car industry. Daniel Goeudevert was a leader in that industry for a while, working in various top positions, and still follows its development intently – and with a growing lack of under-standing, as he admits here. And he points to new ways of dealing with this. He argues for more mobility diversity and for more resistance to lobbyism. In short: ‘Sackgasse’ (‘Dead End’) is the right book for right now.

Daniel Goeudevert

Daniel Goeudevert, born in 1942 in Reims, was seen as the ‘paradise bird’ among top man-agers. After his MA in literature, he lived in Germany for 25 years, pursuing an extraordinary career. He was chairman of the German boards of Citroën, Renault and Ford, as well as a board member of VW. After retiring from management, he became the vice president of The Green Cross International and an advisor to the General Manager of UNESCO. His books ‘Wie ein Vogel im Aquarium’ (‘Like a Bird in a Fish Tank’), ‘Mit Träumen beginnt die Realität’ (Reality Starts with Your Dreams’) and ‘Das Seerosen-Prinzip’ (‘The Water Lily Principle’) are all bestsellers.