Wie wir alt werden, ohne zu altern

Gregor Eisenhauer

Wie wir alt werden, ohne zu altern

7 Ideen gegen die Verholzung des Denkens

316 pages
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ISBN 978-3-8321-9818-3

Wie wir alt werden, ohne zu altern. / 7 Ideen gegen die allmähliche Verholzung des Denkens/ HOW WE CAN GROW OLD WITHOUT AGING. 7 TRICKS AGAINST THE GRADUAL PETRIFICATION OF THINKING

Non Fiction, ca. 180 pp., Autumn 2016

The biggest problem area as you age is your head, not your bottom!

Shows how aging can liberate us.

How you can turn your life upside down without yoga

The fear of growing old bothers us more than the aging process itself. We constantly check ourselves for symptoms of decline. From childhood on, we are instilled with the fear of se-nescence. We stand under the continuous scrutiny of our egos, which can have its good points, since senility is frequently not a symptom of old age but a self-inflicted condition of early senescence. If you prefer a more urbane explanation: Our horizons close in with the years not because the world around us is growing smaller, but because our gaze increasingly sinks down to the ground, until we reach the point of seeing only the tips of our toes at the end of a casket. In How We Can Grow Old Without Aging, Gregor Eisenhauer does not focus on the unavoidable decline of our bodies nor on illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. He concentrates on the gradual petrification of our thought process, which causes us to grow older much faster than is happening in actuality. The barrier in our mind is frequently one that we ourselves have built.

Over the course of seven chapters, he shows us how to recognize the traps of the aging process and how to carefully maneuver them without stumbling. After all, there is one thing he cannot promise us: eternal youth.

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Gregor Eisenhauer

Gregor Eisenhauer, geboren 1960, hat Germanistik und Philosophie studiert und über Arno Schmidt promoviert. Er lebt als freier Schriftsteller in Berlin und schreibt u. a. Nachrufe für den Tagesspiegel. Zuletzt erschienen ›Die 10 wichtigsten Fragen des Lebens – in aller Kürze beantwortet‹ und ›Wie wir alt werden, ohne zu altern. 7 Ideen gegen die Verholzung des Denkens‹ bei DuMont.