Ein paar Tage Licht

Oliver Bottini

Ein paar Tage Licht


512 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9660-8


A Crime-Novel
Ca. 350 pp.
Spring 2014

Deutscher Krimipreis 2015
Stuttgarter Krimipreis 2015
#1 Krimi ZEIT Bestenliste May & June 2014

“One of our best crime writers […] You leave the novel enlightened by the revelation that there is genre literature that deploys complex characters and structures.” Elmar Krekeler, Die Literarische Welt

“Crafty political thriller, enlightened by a sense of possibility.” Die Zeit

“Bottini’s crime novel can certainly match Don Winslow’s better novels. Thrilling, well written and like his US colleague’s, extremely realistic.” Wolf-Dieter Vogel, taz

“A political thriller of international calibre. Thrilling to read, informative, convincing. Let’s have more!” Jürgen Priester, KRIMI-COUCH

“A Few Days Of Light shows once again what Oliver Bottini is capable of and that is creating premium crime literature in step with the times.” Ulrich Noller, WDR

“Oliver Bottini is not only a shrewd crime writer but above all a highly political author.” Sylvia Staude, Frankfurter Rundschau

The Involvement of the German Arms Lobby in the Arab Spring

Algeria. Africa’s largest country, blessed with riches but internally full of turmoil. An employee of a Ger-man armaments company is brutally kidnapped here. The German authorities are alarmed; who is respon-sible? Islamic terrorists, says the Algerian secret services. But why doesn’t anyone claim responsibility and why is there no ransom note?
For Ralf Eley, the official from the German Federal Police stationed at the German embassy in Algiers, too many parts of the puzzle don’t fit together. But his biggest problem is that he can’t investigate in Alge-ria as a German without risking expulsion. So he does it secretly – and comes across further contradictions that the Algerian secret service wants to see covered up. Eley soon recognises that much more is at stake than the life of a German manager.
At the same time, the young Algerians Djamel and Aziz are travelling from Paris to Berlin. Euphoric. Hopeful. Everything has proceeded according to plan until now. Their native country will soon be free when the old rulers are toppled and brought to justice. When the revolution that Djamel and Aziz want to bring to Algeria has been kindled...
Oliver Bottini skilfully weaves the highly controversial theme of German armaments export into a thrilling crime novel. He impressively and meticulously fathoms the depths of power and repression, demonstrat-ing with striking intensity on what will always plague the system – the lack of humanity.

Rights sold to: Editions Piranha (French)

Oliver Bottini

Oliver Bottini wurde 1965 geboren. Für seine Romane erhielt er zahlreiche Preise, u. a. den Krimipreis von Radio Bremen, den Berliner »Krimifuchs«, den Stuttgarter Krimipreis und fünfmal den Deutschen Krimi Preis, zuletzt 2018 für ›Der Tod in den stillen Winkeln des Lebens‹. Bei DuMont erschienen außerdem ›Der kalte Traum‹ (2012) und ›Ein paar Tage Licht‹ (2014) sowie die Kriminalromane um die Freiburger Kommissarin Louise Bonì. Oliver Bottini lebt mit seiner Familie in Frankfurt am Main.