Brennender Midi

Cay Rademacher

Brennender Midi

Ein Provence-Krimi mit Capitaine Roger Blanc (3)

304 pages, Bedruckte Umschlaginnenseiten
Erstmals im Taschenbuch
First day of sale: 18.05.2017
ISBN 978-3-8321-6411-9

BRENNENDER MIDI. Ein Provence-Krimi mit Capitaine Roger Blanc /
BURNING MIDI. A Provence crime novel with Capitaine Roger Blanc
Crime Novel, ca. 304 pp., Spring 2016

Over 100.000 copies sold of the previous Capitaine Roger Blanc titles

‘The storyline is as original as the characters. Between the lines, you even believe you can detect the scent of Provence (…) Great that Blanc will continue to solve cases.’ Kölner Stadtanzeiger on Mörderischer Mistral

“A light taste like a cool summer wine, shimmering dark like the expansive marshes of Camarque. A crime novel for summer, bien sur, and what a novel!”
Elisabeth Hermann, Bild on Tödliche Camargue

Death in the Olive Grove – a new case for Capitaine Roger Blanc
In the Province it has just turned autumn, but Capitaine Roger Blanc can find no peace in his new home: in the adjacent village of Lançon, a propeller driven plane has crashed into an olive grove. The pilot of the machine is dead. Blanc and his colleagues hurry down to the scene of the accident and quickly find themselves confronted with a number of inconsistencies. The dead man was a candidate to become a pilot for the military, besides being well-known as an extremely skilled flyer. The statements of several witnesses to the accident do not conform with each other. Was it perhaps not simply a tragic accident? The Capitaine has no other choice but to bury himself once more in an investigation. Before long, intriguing discoveries are made. It becomes apparent that the dead man was working for a drug cartel in Marseille. Furthermore, his comrades seem anything but devastated by the accident.

In the meantime, Blanc’s private life remains turbulent: with the arrival of his divorce papers the end of his marriage is now confirmed in writing. His relationship to the investigative magistrate Aveline Vialaron-Allègre, however, is not particularly easy. Perhaps the distraction of work is not such a bad thing after all – but there must be another dead body in the olive grove…

Cay Rademacher, born 1965, studied Anglo-American history, ancient history and philosophy in Cologne and Washington. He has been an editor at Geo since 1999 where he participated in establishing the history magazine Geo-Epoche, whose managing editor he has been since 2006. After his trilogy of historical post-war Hamburg-set crime novels around Inspector he started new crime series set in Provence after moving with his family from Hamburg to Provence (France): the Capitaine Roger Blanc series “Mörderischer Mistral”/ Murderous Mistral (2014), “Tödliche Camargue”/ Deadly Camargue (2015).

Rights to previous titles of the series sold to: Ediciones Maeva (Spanish World)

Cay Rademacher

Cay Rademacher, born in 1965, is a freelance journalist and author. His mystery novels set in post-war Hamburg ‘Der Trümmermörder‘ (The Murderer in the Ruins), ‘Der Schieber‘ (The Wolf Children), ‘Der Fälscher‘ (The Forger) are published by Dumont. His Provence mystery novel series includes ‘Mörderischer Mistral‘ (Murderous Mistral), 2014, ‘Tödliche Camargue‘ (Deadly Camargue), 2015, ‘Brennender Midi‘ (Burning Midi), 2016, ‘Gefährliche Côte Bleue‘ (Dangerous Côte Bleue), 2017, and ‘Dunkles Arles‘ (Dark Arles), 2018 and 'Verhängnisvolles Calès' (Fateful Calès), 2019. His stand-alone 'Ein letzter Sommer in Méjean' (One Last Summer in Méjean) was published in 2019. Cay Rademacher lives with his family in the vicinity of Salon-de-Provence, France.