Helmut Krausser



862 pages
First day of sale: 16.01.2023
ISBN 978-3-8321-6291-7

MELODIEN. Neufassung/ MELODIES. Revised Version
A Novel
ca. 800 pages
Autumn 2014

A modern classic: over 150,000 sold copies

“Profoundly medieval, vivid, musical, monstrous. Like only Eco before him.”
Hajo Steinert

Krausser’s masterpiece in a culminant revised version!

A literary masterpiece and breathtaking entertainment

In pursuit of a human dream: the creation of absolute music

With Melodien, Helmut Krausser wrote his way to the forefront of contemporary German literature in the early 1990s. Twenty years after its first edition, he has taken up one of his most important novels again, revised and concentrated it.
The story of Melodien is the story of a myth over the course of four centuries. In Renaissance Italy, the alchemist Castiglio is working with his assistant Andrea on the realisation of his dreams. Certain melodies are supposed to be able to influence people, for good or for ill. Castiglio’s ideas are noble but he is unscrupulous in the choice of his means –
and evil continues to regenerate itself to the present day.

“When I wrote Melodien in only thirteen months, I definitely got off my shot much too soon. I was never satisfied with this novel, long my most successful one, particularly because I realized much too soon exactly what needed to be changed.” Helmut Krausser

Helmut Krausser
born 1964, lives in Berlin. DuMont has published his poetry volume ‘Plasma’ (2007), the novels ‘Eros’ (2006), ‘Die kleinen Gärten des Maestro Puccini’ (2008), ‘Einsamkeit und Sex und Mitleid’ (2009), ‘Die letzten schönen Tage’ (2011) and ‘NIcht ganz schlechte Menschen’ (2012), the diaries ‘Substanz’ (2010) and the crime novel ‘Aussortiert’ (DuMont Taschenbuch 2011). His novels ‘Der große Bagarozy’ and ‘Fette Welt’ have been adapted a feature-length movies.

Helmut Krausser

Helmut Krausser, born in 1964, lives in Berlin. His novels "Eros" (2006), "Die kleinen Gärten des Maestro Puccini" (2008), "Einsamkeit und Sex und Mitleid" (2009), "Die letzten schönen Tage" (2011), "Aussortiert" (2011) and "Nicht ganz schlechte Menschen" (2012) as well as his collection of poems "Plasma" (2007) and "Verstand und Kürzungen" (2014), his diaries "Substanz" (2010) and "Deutschlandreisen" (2014) have been published by DuMont. His novels "Der große Bagarozy", "Fette Welt" and "Einsamkeit und Sex und Mitleid" were adapted for cinema.