Die kleinen Gärten des Maestro Puccini

Helmut Krausser

Die kleinen Gärten des Maestro Puccini


384 pages
First day of sale: 19.02.2019
ISBN 978-3-8321-6487-4

Helmut Krausser
Die kleinen Gärten des Meastro Puccini - The Small Gardens of Maestro Puccini
A novel
300 pp.
Spring 2008

“Puccini was an erotomaniac. We always had the suspicion, but now we know for sure. A most entertaining and witty novel!”
Elke Heidenreich

“… light-footed, unsentimental, brilliant.”
Kölner Stadtanzeiger

“With the partisanship of the aficionado, the vigour of the enlightener and the accuracy of the archivist, Krausser performs open-heart surgery on the man who knew how to reach the emotional household of the modern opera-going public as no other.” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“That the opera enthusiast Krausser succeeded in revealing the previously disputed identity of his lover Camilla after years of research might be considered a small sensation in the field of Puccini scholarship. The normal reader, on the other hand, will enjoy a palatable musician read. […] But both go together when someone like Helmut Krausser takes on documentary fiction: art and ratings. – Curtain, applause!” Tageszeitung München

His love for Giacomo Puccini’s operas stimulated Helmut Krausser to explore the composer’s hidden life. With the results of this elaborate research he has written a documentary novel that sheds new light on ten years in the master’s life. The author has not only succeeded in revealing the jealously guarded identity of Puccini’s lover Corinna, but also the tragic circumstances that led to the scandal surrounding his maid Doria Manfredi: a story that has to be told from its very beginnings to understand its inner logic. Only the recent discovery of so far unknown documents has allowed the completion of this project that had started years ago – what came out is much more than a Chronique Scandaleuse.
A bizarre network of entanglements derives from the conflicting priorities of art and success, love and desire, envy and intrigue, jealousy and hate, revolt and failure.
From a new and often surprising perspective of the most popular opera composer of our days expands a panorama of this last phase of the Belle Epoque.

Rights sold to: Barbera (Italy), SUDA (Korea), De Geus (The Netherlands)

Helmut Krausser

Helmut Krausser, born in 1964, lives in Berlin. His novels "Eros" (2006), "Die kleinen Gärten des Maestro Puccini" (2008), "Einsamkeit und Sex und Mitleid" (2009), "Die letzten schönen Tage" (2011), "Aussortiert" (2011) and "Nicht ganz schlechte Menschen" (2012) as well as his collection of poems "Plasma" (2007) and "Verstand und Kürzungen" (2014), his diaries "Substanz" (2010) and "Deutschlandreisen" (2014) have been published by DuMont. His novels "Der große Bagarozy", "Fette Welt" and "Einsamkeit und Sex und Mitleid" were adapted for cinema.