Das kann ich auch!

Steen T. Kittl

Das kann ich auch!

Gebrauchsanweisung für moderne Kunst

320 pages, 80 s/w Abbildungen
Erstmals im Taschenbuch
First day of sale: 21.02.2013
ISBN 978-3-8321-6233-7

"DAS KANN ICH AUCH! Gebrauchsanweisung für moderne Kunst / I CAN DO THAT TOO! Instructions for Modern Art

220 pages, with 60 monochrome illustrations
Spring 2007

“Those who are regularly driven crazy be contemporary arts, will learn tricks from the practical work of its producers”. Focus

“The authors are knowing tourguides on a trip through the topography of arts…fresh and unique.”
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

The Ultimate Guide for All Involuntary Consumers of Modern Art
Funny, biting and pointed

Nobody can get past art today. One time it is an art event, which beats all record numbers of visitors. Some other time it is the annual nomination of artists for the Turner Prize, which gives many cultivated people something to gossip about even more cultivated. Unpleasant questions on contemporary art arise at pub quizzes. And finally one is confronted with the art collection of the employer, which is scattered over the barren offices and forlorn corridors.

This book takes the widespread prejudices against modern art seriously. It offers enjoyable entertainment and valuable insider knowledge beyond the uncritical rejoicing of notorious art educationalists. Pointed and disrespectful the secrets of cultural activities are dished up: Who decides, if something is art? How do you decipher the art jargon and how do you parley best? How can you distinguish between quality and cheap stuff? What is the deciding factor for the success or the failure of an artist? And how dirty is it behind the scenes of the art world?

"I Can Do That Too!" is directed to desperate parents, whose son or daughter decides to do "something with art" after the school-leaving exam. To everyone, who is (or was) together with an artist and who wants to really understand his or her partner (or ex-partner) at last. To everyone, whose friends invite each other more and more often to brunches, just to show off with their newly bought art works.

Rights sold to:
Prophet Press (Taiwan), Yoldaerim (Korea); Robin Book (Spain), Shunjusha (Japan)

Steen T. Kittl

Steen T. Kittl studied art, art history and cultural studies, and now works as an Art Director.

Christian Saehrendt

Christian Saehrendt (born 1968) studied history and art history in Berlin and Heidelberg. Aside from his teaching positions, he works as an art historian and journalist.