Der Club der Traumtänzer

Andreas Izquierdo

Der Club der Traumtänzer


448 pages
First day of sale: 01.10.2014
ISBN 978-3-8321-6263-4

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A Novel, ca. 350 pages
Autumn 2014

English sample translation available

“This touching novel by the German author is probably heading for the bestseller lists.” HÖRZU

“Andreas Izquierdo (...) touches his readers deeply.” FREUNDIN

A bastard discovers his heart
A touching novel about true values and the pursuit of happiness
Spirited, cheerful and tragic
200 hours of community service can change a life

Gabor Schöning is good-looking, successful and popular among colleagues and women. And he is a bastard. He loves only himself and is not afraid to use any method necessary to attain his goals. But one day everything changes: Gabor causes an accident in which a bicyclist is hurt. She is the director of a special needs school and demands as compensation that Gabor take care of a project group among her pupils. And of course he does not know what to do at first with a group of children whose IQ is below 70. But the children slowly draw him into their world in which nothing goes smoothly and the problems are real. They finally discover something to share that will change their lives – dancing.

Gabor subsequently loses his job, he falls in love with a woman who does not immediately lie down at his feet, takes the children to a great performance and comprehends that there are things that are more important than luxury and beautiful women. And he also manages to teach the children to tango because there are times in life when only one thing is important – the perfect twist of the hips...

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Andreas Izquierdo

Andreas Izquierdo, is a writer and screenwriter. He published the Sir Walter Scott Award-winning historical novel “King of Albania” (2007) and numerous other novels, including the SPIEGEL bestseller ‘Der Club der Traumtänzer’ (2014) and ‘Fräulein Hedy träumt vom Fliegen’ (2018). ‘Schatten der Welt’ was published in 2020. ‘Revolution der Träume’ (2021) continues the story of the three friends Carl, Artur and Isi and ‘Labyrinth der Freiheit’ (2022) completes the trilogy. Andreas Izquierdo lives in Cologne.