Greenwash, Inc.

Karl Wolfgang Flender

Greenwash, Inc.


392 pages
Erstmals im Taschenbuch
First day of sale: 17.11.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6399-0

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A Novel, ca. 400 pp.
Autumn 2015

A fast-paced profile and portrait of society in a novel about an industry sector that does business with our guilty conscience.

A remorseless debut: highly intelligent, shameless and cynical.

You’ve got a company with a difficult portfolio? Genetically modified maize? Production in asian sweat shops? No problem, Mars & Jungs will take care of this. The agency offers integral support, from viral image campaigns to the invention of fair-trade certificates to on-site crisis management. In case there’s a fire somewhere. In a textile factory for instance. Which has no escape routes.
Thomas Hessler is at home in this greenwash-world. And he is equipped with the perfect qualitities to make a career in this world: creativity, empathy, self-sacrifice – and unscrupulousness. For PR-stories he travels to Brazil, India or Ghana and has the killer instinct for the success of his projects.
He delivers what is expected: The lies we all want to hear. Until he falls victim to his own ambitions.

With painful precision Karl Wolfgang Flender’s debut is telling the story of a steep career – and of a rapid decline in character.

Karl Wolfgang Flender, born in 1986 in Bielefeld, studied Creative Writing at the University of Hildesheim and was co-editor of the literary magazine BELLA triste, as well as a member of the artistic management of PROSANOVA 2014. He works as a research associate at the UdK Berlin and completed his doctorate there in Social and Business Communication.

Karl Wolfgang Flender

Karl Wolfgang Flender, born in Bielefeld in 1986, studied creative writing at the University of Hildesheim. He was the co-editor of the literary magazine BELLA triste as well as a member of the artistic management of PROSANOVA 2014. He worked as an academic assistant at the College of Fine Arts in Berlin and gained his doctorate in social and business communication. His debut novel ›Greenwash, Inc.‹ was published by DuMont in 2015.