Jäger in der Nacht

Oliver Bottini

Jäger in der Nacht

Ein Fall für Louise Bonì

336 pages
First day of sale: 23.09.2015
ISBN 978-3-8321-6314-3

JÄGER IN DER NACHT. Ein Fall für Louise Bonì/
HUNTERS IN THE NIGHT. A Case for Louise Bonì

A Crime Novel, 336 pp., new in paperback

»At some point, all you want to do is: put the kids to bed, switch off the phone and carry on reading.« Stern

»Oliver Bottini, one of the few German authors who play in the premier league of crime, really knows how to tell a good story. « Frankfurter Rundschau

The fourth case for Louise Bonì

Summer 2005. Within a few days, a female student from Freiburg disappears; a father is brutally murdered and a young boy drowns in the Rhein under mysterious circumstances. Louise Boni, Chief Inspector with the crime squad in Freiburg, and her colleagues, quickly realise that the three cases are connected – and that even more people are in grave danger. Amongst them: Louise Boni herself. Boni’s fourth case confronts her with sinister secrets of well-situated families from Freiburg and once again reminds her of the fact that it sometimes takes very little to free the beast in man.

Rights sold to: People’s Press (Danish)

Oliver Bottini

Oliver Bottini, born 1965, studied modern German literature, Italian studies and psychology in Munich. He received the German Crime Writing Prize (Deutscher Krimipreis) for his books “Mord im Zeichen des Zen” and “Im Sommer der Mörder.” He was nominated for the 2007 Friedrich Glauser Prize in the novel category. His third novel, “Im Auftrag der Väter,” was shortlisted for the 2007 Munich Tukan Prize, in 2010 he published “Das verborgene Netz” also, as the previous titles part of his Louise-Bonì series, which was continued 2015 with “Im weißen Kreis”. Apart from the Louise-Bonì-series, he has published so far three stand-alones, the political thrillers “Der kalte Traum” (2012) for which he received the German Crime Writing Prize the third time, and “Ein paar Tage Licht” (2014) which was awarded the German Crime Writing Prize 2015 and Stuttgarter Krimipreis 2015 and "Der Tod in den stillen Winkeln des Lebens" (2018) for which he received the German Crime Writing Prize once again. Oliver Bottini lives in Berlin. www.bottini.de