Die Abenteuer meines ehemaligen Bankberaters

Tilman Rammstedt

Die Abenteuer meines ehemaligen Bankberaters


160 pages
First day of sale: 18.10.2012
ISBN 978-3-8321-9686-8


A Novel
About 170 pp.
Autumn 2012

„Dear Bruce Willis,
Would you like to play the lead in my forthcoming novel?
Tilman Rammstedt”

“This is really the funniest book of 2012. … An extremely witty crime novel that in fact is not a crime novel but a hymn to the imagination!” –Elke Heidenreich

“A bank consultant as the hero of a novel? That doesn’t sound sexy. But it is when Tilman Rammstedt writes it.” WDR

“Puddles are the little man’s oceans: Tilman Rammstedt has written a devastatingly comical novel about his former bank consultant.” – ZEIT online

“Tilman Rammstedt again demonstrates the omnipotence of the imagination and reveals the great melancholic despite all the literary games… while the meta narrative that describes a novel as its own genesis is not new – but the way Rammstedt takes it up again is absolutely clever, often surprising and sometimes hysterically funny … the book shows, however ironically, a form of artistic sublimation that leads to great creativity ... revealing very universal insights about futile communications, vulnerability and even love.” – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“A grandiosely funny play with ostensible realities.” – Focus

“Tilman Rammstedt has succeeded in writing a highly amusing, fast-paced and insightful novel that ultimately deals with the fact that something is always lacking: whether it be the unresponsive film star or novel hero, the frequently invoked “happy end” or the thoughtful adventure or the imagined adventures of a melancholic romantic in the guise of a bank consultant.” – NDR

“A pure pleasure trip. A novel that veers between the grotesque and melancholy. And with a hero unsuited for a Hollywood action movie. But he is a special class of hero for a German novel who can be described in the triad of words the hero himself uses as a stylistic device: laconic, funny, good.” – Kölner Stadtanzeiger

“A novel about novel writing; funny and melancholic at the same time.” – Kulturspiegel

“Tilman Rammstedt, born 1975, has written a humorous piece of literature about “love, body, profession” and the Bruce Willis and bank consultant in all of us.” –Deutschlandradio

“The novel’s magic is owed to its poetical and philosophical vignettes. It is magic that it has the same ambivalent qualities as his ‘Kaiser von China’: a game full of jokes concealing nothing short of a deep unease per se and the world.” – Badische Zeitung

“With his ‘Die Abenteuer meines Bankberaters’ Tilman Rammstedt has succeeded in writing a multifaceted novel that can be read in many different ways. You can enjoy the accurate laconic quality and the countless small gags and tricks or read the book as a study of melancholic men or as a meditation on the isolation of the author.” – Falter

“Rammstedt is in trouble and calls on Bruce Willis to help. The resulting novel is a brilliant imaginative display of fireworks – melancholic and grotesque at the same time.” – WDR 5

“The novel is a brilliant, sophisticated practice in fantasy that is cleverly polished in terms of the language’s rhythm and style ... It is especially a novel for friends of fine and witty storytelling.” – Neue Westfälische

“An original, clever, hugely funny and yet very melancholic literary game that is a little reminiscent of Charlie Kaufman’s and Spike Jonze’s masterpiece “Adaption.” – Rolling Stone

“A comical game with reality, madness, resistance and absurd philosophy.” – Stern

“The only comparable present-day author who, like Rammstedt, can write a novel like this one that is full of imagination and stylistic acrobatics is probably his Austrian colleague Wolf Haas.” – Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Bank officers have feelings, too

The world looks strange when seen through the eyes of a bank officer. Especially when it concerns such an unconventional one as in Tilman Rammstedt’s new novel: Even long after he has lost his job, this bank officer just cannot leave his job and advises customers at night in the entranceway. In the process, he is less interested in investments as in the larger context: “You can’t understand instant access savings account unless you understand what a tree is.” He doesn’t explain bonds, but life.
His customers, however, consist mainly of a cat who earned a fortune with highly speculative derivatives and Birgit, the third-saddest woman in Europe.
An office in a bank is much too small for all of this. So he ventures out into the world he unexpected adventures await him.

Rights to previous books sold to: El Aleph (Castilian); La Campana (Catalan); Nakladatelstvi Lidove Noviny (Czech); Del Vecchio (Italian); Munhakdongne (Korean); Seagull Books (English)

Tilman Rammstedt

Tilman Rammstedt was born in 1975 in Bielefeld and lives in Berlin. DuMont published his debut novel “Erledigungen vor der Feier” in 2003 as well as the novel “Wir bleiben in der Nähe” in 2005 and „Der Kaiser von China“ (2008) for which he received the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize. Tilman Rammstedt has received the amongst others the Open Mike award, the Rheinische Kulturförderpreis, the New York stipend of the Kulturstiftung der Länder, the Kassel Literaturförderpreis for grotesque humour and the Literaturförderpreis of the State of Nordrhein-Westphalia., the Ingeborg Bachmann-Prize and the Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff-Prize.