Das Tier meines Lebens

Ilka Piepgras

Das Tier meines Lebens

Wie mein Hund aus mir einen anderen Menschen machte

224 pages, Gebunden mit Lesebändchen
First day of sale: 17.05.2022
ISBN 978-3-8321-8179-6

DAS TIER MEINES LEBENS. Wie mein Hund aus mir einen ande-ren Menschen machte /
THE ANIMAL OF MY LIFE. How my dog changed who I was

ca. 200 pp., Spring 2022

All about the parallel universe that opens up when you get a dog

A smart, emotional look at the relationship between man and dog

“My dog has made me a freer person, perhaps even a better one.”
Ilka Piepgras

Ilka Piepgras never wanted a pet. Animals never really spoke to her – in fact they still don’t - and she considered nature little more than a backdrop for relaxation. But then her children convinced her to buy a puppy. What she hadn’t reckoned on, at 55 years of age, was the young Bernese Mountain dog, Teddy, changing her life in a flash and making her a different person. She was suddenly gripped by a longing for nature. Alongside tales of dog training and early morning walkies, the author shares her self-doubt, as Teddy is wild and boisterous. How do you make a dog fit for socie-ty, without denying its nature and instincts?

The Animal of My Life is an intelligent, wonderfully written, emotional book about dogs, puppy training, and the relationship between man and dog from the perspec-tive and experience of Ilka Piepgras, who also consults the latest scientific studies on dogs and their behaviour and tells us what it really means to own a dog.

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Ilka Piepgras

Ilka Piepgras, born 1964, studied political sciences in Munich and began working as a reporter at Berliner Zeitung in 1991. After a year of study at Harvard, she moved to Financial Times Deutschland, where she worked on the book pages for the week-end edition. These days, she is an author and editor at ZEITmagazin.