Rudi Novotny


In der Rush Hour des Lebens wird es ernst

144 pages

First day of sale: 19.06.2021
ISBN 978-3-8321-8368-4


Non-Fiction, ca. 144 pages
Spring 2019

Career or relationship? Rudi Novotny wants both.
Humorous and insightful, smart and
always surprising.

About the Attempt to Make the Impossible Possible

Some of us do it earlier, others do it later, but almost everyone asks this question at a certain point in their lives: work or relationship? Career or family life? If you don’t want to choose and have both, then things get real, and serious. And exhausting, and wild, hectic, funny and enriching.
Rudi Novotny writes about all the challenges of being a loving partner and a reliable colleague, of starting a family and performing well at work at the same time. The sto-ries he tells about his own life are always entertaining, always surprising and very personal. He writes about bizarre situations, overwhelming moments, moments of excessive demands and moments that made him pause and experience happiness.

Almost in passing, he answers the most urgent questions of modern life, particularly about what connecting with others can mean in times of individuality and high pres-sure society.

Rudi Novotny

After graduating from the German School of Journalism in Munich, Rudi Novotny studied international relations and politics in the UK. He earned his Masters degree from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. He worked as an editor at the Frank-furter Rundschau magazine and Page Three of the Berliner Zeitung before joining the education and career section of major German newspaper Die Zeit in 2014 where he is deputy chief editor. Rudi Novotny lives in Berlin with his family.