Liebeskummer bewältigen in 99 Tagen

Michèle Loetzner

Liebeskummer bewältigen in 99 Tagen

272 pages
First day of sale: 16.06.2020
ISBN 978-3-8321-9982-1

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Ca. 272 pages
Spring 2020 - English sample available

99 days, 99 double pages - and in the end: a healing heart

What does romantic heartbreak have in common with drug withdrawal? Why do men behave differently from women after a separation? And what does all this have to do with feminism?

A daily companion, a partner in an ongoing conversation (often with yourself) who will help you to bring some order to your own thoughts and emotions.

With daily prompts to develop new ways of thinking, questions and lists to
check off, fill in and check out;

Michèle Loetzner answers many questions about our psyche and about structural and cultural issues.

Your heart is broken, your ego is in tatters. Romantic heartbreak hurts, terribly, at any age. And regardless of whether the relationship lasted two months or eight years, heartbreak recovery always follows the same pattern.
The first three months after a separation are the most important, because that’s when you find your way back to yourself. The simplest method of developing a sense of your own self during this difficult time is to ask yourself a lot of questions. That will restructure your head and your heart. Why was this love relationship not working? What was good about it, was wasn’t so good about it? Why can’t I stop thinking about him? And in what way does a lot of what occupies women’s minds after a failed relationship have nothing directly to do with them but everything to do with societal expectations?

This book is thought-provoking. It has enough space for your own notes and answers to the question of why our psyche doesn’t work as it should when it comes to matters of love and romantic heartbreak. 99 days. Levelling with the reader. Written with humour and many references to current research. You can only let go when you understand.

Rights sold to: Business Weekly (Complex Chinese Characters); BBNC (Dutch); Eyrolles (French); Simple Life (Korean); Zenith (Spanish World);

Michèle Loetzner

Michèle Loetzner was born in 1982 in Heidelberg. She studied literature, English and linguistics at the LMU University of Munich and at the University of Helsinki. She works as a freelance journalist, chief copy writer and conceptional leader for various German newspapers and magazines such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, SZ Magazine, Plan W, Die Welt, Die Zeit, Cosmopolitan, Maxi und Julie. She also works for the developmental editing teams and corporate clusters of Gruner + Jahr, Burda and Condé Nast.