Der Trümmermörder

Cay Rademacher

Der Trümmermörder


336 pages
First day of sale: 12.02.2021
ISBN 978-3-8321-6583-3

A Crime Novel, Ca. 352 pp.

English sample translation available!

“Rademacher raises profound questions about individual justice against a backdrop of mass murder. Undoubtedly the most powerful work of crime fiction I have read this year.” Jane Jakeman, The Independent

“You better dress warm: Cay Rademacher’s thriller tells the story of the bitter cold winter of 1946/47, and so realistically that you are likelier to get frostbite than goose pimples.” Brigitte

“A compelling read, as much a historical novel as a crime novel, "The Rubble Murders" creates life in post-war Hamburg under British occupation. (...) The story is gripping, the language forceful, the setting absorbing. A spine-tingling portrayal of how the defeated interact with their victors.” New Books in German

“A highly worthwhile example of German crime literature.” ORF

“A gripping, in-depth historical crime novel.” Ostthüringer Zeitung

A serial killer in post-war Hamburg
Contemporary German history packed in a thrilling crime novel
Based on an authentic case

Hamburg 1947: the city lies in ruins. It is the coldest winter of the century. The peo-ple try to survive as best they can. And then a corpse is discovered between the rub-ble: a young woman, naked, no clues. Chief inspector Stave has little hope of solving the case amidst the post-war turmoil despite the assistance offered him by Lothar Maschke from the vice squad and Lieutenant MacDonald from the British administra-tion. A second body is soon discovered. And then a third – Stave is grateful for any help he can get in his hunt for a savage killer.
Cay Rademacher brings an exciting and authentic case from Hamburg in the 1946/47 winter of hunger to life.

Rights sold: English World (Arcadia Books); French World (Le Masque); Spanish World (Edi-ciones Maeva)

Cay Rademacher

Cay Rademacher, born in 1965, is a freelance journalist and author. His mystery novels set in post-war Hamburg ‘Der Trümmermörder‘ (The Murderer in the Ruins), ‘Der Schieber‘ (The Wolf Children), ‘Der Fälscher‘ (The Forger) are published by Dumont. His Provence mystery novel series includes ‘Mörderischer Mistral‘ (Murderous Mistral), 2014, ‘Tödliche Camargue‘ (Deadly Camargue), 2015, ‘Brennender Midi‘ (Burning Midi), 2016, ‘Gefährliche Côte Bleue‘ (Dangerous Côte Bleue), 2017, and ‘Dunkles Arles‘ (Dark Arles), 2018 and 'Verhängnisvolles Calès' (Fateful Calès), 2019. His stand-alone 'Ein letzter Sommer in Méjean' (One Last Summer in Méjean) was published in 2019. Cay Rademacher lives with his family in the vicinity of Salon-de-Provence, France.