Alte Freundinnen

Tessa Korber

Alte Freundinnen


336 pages

First day of sale: 24.07.2021
ISBN 978-3-8321-7097-4


A Novel, ca. 320 pages
Spring 2021

Four women approaching the ageing process with courage, humour and ener-gy

A novel about female friendship, full of wit and depth

In good times and in bad

Nora, Franziska, Annabel and Luise have known each other since university. The greatest constant in all of their lives has been the fact that they have always kept in touch, even when they were all on very different trajectories in their careers and their personal lives. The four of them have always dreamt of living together some-day. Now they are nearly 70. Many of their dreams have gone unfulfilled. Three of them live alone. The thought of ending up in an old people’s home is anathema to them. When one of the women inherits her parents’ house, a former farmhouse with a pub attached, the question is suddenly back on the table: should they take the plunge and move in together? Can their old friendship survive the new pressures of living in the same house? With the realisation of their youthful dream comes the beginning of something completely new. Because the last few decades of life should be lived to the full.

Tessa Korber

Tessa Korber, born in 1966, did a degree in literary studies and went on to work in publishing and the book trade. Since the publication of her bestseller "Die Karawanenkönigin", she has worked as a freelance writer. She is well-known as an au-thor of historical novels and crime fiction. She lives with her husband in Nuremberg.