Ausgestorben, um zu bleiben

Bernhard Kegel

Ausgestorben, um zu bleiben

Dinosaurier und ihre Nachfahren

270 pages

First day of sale: 28.02.2021
ISBN 978-3-8321-9870-1

Dinosaurier und ihre Nachfahren/
Dinosaurs and their Descendants

Spring 2018, ca. 250 pp.
English sample translation available

New astonishing scientific discoveries will revolutionize our image of the dinosaurs

Giants in plumage

They dominated the continent for over 170 million years, which is more than a thou-sand times longer than humans have existed. And they brought forth the hugest creatures ever to roam the earth. How is it possible that there are whole children’s sections in libraries dedicated to these animals, but not a single current book aimed at an adult audience? With in-depth knowledge, Bernhard Kegel shows that the im-age painted by scientists of prehistoric times has greatly changed over the past dec-ades. Since the British anatomist Richard Owen christened them some 170 years ago, our concept of dinosaurs has been in constant flux. On the basis of new fossil findings and scientific discoveries, it now appears that they went through several metamorphoses, some of them drastic: from creeping giant lizard to upright dragon-like creature, and from sluggish reptile to dynamic, intelligent huntsman. And finally, in a surprising twist, from scaled lizard to giant feathered chicken. Today, we know for certain that many dinosaurs were feathered – and that all modern birds descend-ed from them.
Bernhard Kegel’s journey of discovery into the world of paleontology, science and geology is as surprising as it is exciting.

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Bernhard Kegel

Bernhard Kegel, born in Berlin in 1953, studied chemistry and biology at Freie Universität Berlin, subsequent research activities, worked as an ecological specialist and lecturer. Guitarrist in diverse Berlin Jazz bands since the mid-nineteen seventies. Since 1993 Bernhard Kegel has published several novels and non-fiction books. He has been awarded several prices for his writing.