Schatten der Welt

Andreas Izquierdo

Schatten der Welt


544 pages

First day of sale: 11.05.2021
ISBN 978-3-8321-6498-0

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A Novel, ca. 560 pages

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A world in upheaval and three friends who hope that the seriousness of life is still to come.
A story full of life, unforgettable characters and exciting twists.

The Light of Dark Days

Thorn in West Prussia, 1910: The shy Carl, the daredevil Artur and the cheeky Isi don't care about the seriousness of life. Not even the news that a comet called "Halley" threatens to destroy mankind can shock the three youngsters. On the contrary - unmoved they sell pills against the end of the world while Halley passes by silently.
But growing up cannot be stopped: Carl starts training as a photographer. Artur and Isi become a couple. When the war comes in 1914, it tears the friends apart. Artur is sent to the front - Carl is part of a machine that stages the first fake news war of mankind. Meanwhile, Isi incites a workers' revolt at home.
In 1918 the war is finally over. Nothing has remained as it once was, and yet a new beginning seems possible... .

Andreas Izquierdo tells the story of three young people who are searching for their way in the turmoil of the early 20th century in a stirring way and with a lot of feeling for his characters - 'Schatten der Welt' is an adventure novel, a coming of age story and an exciting historical novel at the same time.

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Andreas Izquierdo

Andreas Izquierdo, is a writer and screenwriter. He published the Sir Walter Scott Award-winning historical novel “King of Albania” (2007) and numerous other novels, including the SPIEGEL bestseller “Der Club der Traumtänzer” (2014) and “Fräulein Hedy träumt vom Fliegen” (2018). Most recently, “Schatten der Welt” (2020) was published. “Revolution of Dreams” continues the story of the three friends Carl, Artur and Isi. Andreas Izquierdo lives in Cologne.