Das Haus der Libellen

Emma Behrens

Das Haus der Libellen


432 pages, Klappenbroschur mit bedruckten Innenseiten
First day of sale: 16.07.2021
ISBN 978-3-8321-6543-7

A Novel, ca. 430 pages
Autumn 2021

A novel full of suspense and great emotions - wonderfully dazzling and myste-rious

Intense and sparkling like fireworks on a balmy summer evening

A mysterious mansion, two enigmatic siblings, a great love

Head over heels, 32-year-old Sophie returns to the magical place of her childhood, the old mansion of the neighboring von Gutenbach family.

Here she used to spend every free minute with the ethereally beautiful siblings No-ah and Emilia. At seventeen, Noah and she became lovers, and Sophie experi-enced her happiest time yet - until Noah disappeared from her life from one day to the next five years later.
Now a letter leads Sophie back to the mysterious house where Emilia lives alone after the sudden death of her parents: Noah has disappeared again, and his sister asks Sophie for help.
Sophie hesitates, the thought of her great love does not leave her cold even after all these years, but then she seizes the chance: she must find Noah, maybe this way
she can finally put the past behind her and give her heart away again.

Emma Behrens tells a story full of suspense and great emotions in a captivating and emotional way - a story about the seductive power of beauty, the longings of the heart and the realization that sometimes you have to find yourself before you can find your great love.

Emma Behrens

Emma Behrens, born in 1989, grew up in a small village in the countryside and later studied philosophy and general and comparative literature in Berlin. She has lived in Canada, Austral-ia and the USA, among other places, and has a weakness for English-language literature. She works with books, which, like travel, are her passion. 'The House of Dragonflies' is her first novel.