Vincent Klink


168 pages, 60 farbige Abbildungen, 38 Vignetten in Farbe weitere Abbildungen
First day of sale: 02.10.2010
ISBN 978-3-8321-9605-9

Wiglaf Droste, Nikolaus Heidelbach, Vincent Klink

Non fiction/ Humour
350 pp, with 50 4/C illustrations

Wilder than ever!

After “Wurst,” “Weihnachten” and “Wein,” the three hunter of good taste hear the call of the wild: They are off to new adventures, new stories and new culinary delights. In their native forest or while seal hunting in East Greenland: Prey is waiting everywhere and even five-year-olds discover the pleasures of hunting and gathering. Wiglaf Droste presents Bambi Goreng and the culinary surprises of Wild West heroes. Nikolaus Heidelbach carries out perfected drawn rank growth. In the meanwhile, Vincent Klink’s recipes and stories make one wild about deer sausages or saddle of hare with pimentos. Regardless of that comes into the sights of these three adventurers – wild rabbit or roaring big game – it always tastes better with cranberry sauce. In short: Droste, Heidelbach and Klink are wilder than ever.
Many dream about it – she has dared to do it

Vincent Klink

Vincent Klink cooks in his own Michelin-starred Restaurant Wielandshöhe in Stuttgart (district Degerloch). On television one can take a look at his cooking (“ARD-Buffet”, “Vincent Klinks Kochkunst”). Among other things he has published the culinary yearbook “Rübe” (Turnip) at Haffmans and Klett-Cotta’s “Kulinarischen Almanach”.

Wiglaf Droste

Wiglaf Droste is author, columnist, and singer and lives either on the road or in Berlin. In 2003 he was awarded the Ben Stiller Prize for his “connection of coarse sounds and fine style” as well as the Annette von Droste Hülshoff Prize in 2005. Along with Vincent Klink he has edited the culinary propaganda pamphlet Häuptling Eigener Herd since 1999.

Nikolaus Heidelbach

Nikolaus Heidelbach lives in Cologne. His picture books and illustrations have won many prizes and in 2000 he received the special lifetime achievement award presented by the German Youth Literature Prize. The 1995 edition of the "Märchen der Brüder Grimm" which he selected and illustrated is just as celebrated as his edition of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales published in 2004.