Christine Drews



352 pages
First day of sale: 12.03.2021
ISBN 978-3-8321-8130-7

PDF English Sample

A Novel, ca. 350 pages
Spring 2021 - English sample available

Based on the true story of Rita Maiburg, the World’s first female pilot, who fought for her rights by suing Lufthansa and the German government

The story of two women coming together to fight for equal rights, this is an emotive and entertaining narrative

A vivid portrait of Germany in the 1970s

The moving story of the World’s first female airline pilot

Germany, the 1970s. Katharina Berner comes from a well-off family of entrepreneurs – but she is different. The fact that Katharina, as a woman, chose to study law is something that neither her old patriarch of a father nor her mother and sisters have ever understood. But Katharina has got her degree, and now works at a big law firm in Cologne. She is not happy, however. Day to day, her male colleagues make her life hell, and she would love to be able to set up her own practice. But how, when nobody even wants to rent office space to her? Then a unique opportunity presents itself: young Rita Maiburg asks Katharina for help. Rita has a pilot’s licence, but for years her efforts to get a job have been in vain. Lufthansa has recently rejected her application, saying they do not employ female pilots. Rita has resolved not to stand for this injustice any longer. Katharina takes on the case, and the two women file a suit – against Lufthansa and the German government. Katharina finds an ally in her charming new landlord Theo, who supports her wherever he can. But will Katharina and Rita manage to overcome all the obstacles that stand in their way?

Christine Drews

Christine Drews is an author and screenwriter. She published her first novel, Schattenfreundin, in 2013: it was translated into six languages and adapted for television. She writes family sagas, crime novels and thrillers, as well as scripts for film and television. Christine Drews lived in England for several years, and now lives with her family in Cologne.