Turit Fröbe


Das Bestimmungsbuch für moderne Architektur

176 pages

First day of sale: 18.01.2021
ISBN 978-3-8321-9947-0

ALLES NUR FASSADE? Das Bestimmungsbuch für moderne Architektur /
ALL JUST A FACADE? The classification book for modern architecture
Ca. 176 pp., with ca. 500 photographs
Autumn 2018

All round travel guide and perfect companion for Sunday walks

It takes just a few glances to stylistically
classify and date everyday architecture


Every day we go past numerous buildings. Sometimes we’d like to know how long this or that house has been standing there. Was it built in the 1950s, 1970s or 1980s? And what is the style called? Brutalism, high-tech, post-modern?
The architecture historian Turit Fröbe shows us how easy it can be to find answers to these questions – if you know where to look. In her ‘classification book for modern architecture’ she lays open all the criteria that she deploys for classification, thereby making constructed surroundings readable.

Starting point are the windows. Does the building allow us to surmise a preference for square or horizontal rectangular window formats? Which materials were used: brass, tiles or mosaic? Then it’s likely to be a building from the 1950s! Careful: it might also be one of the many Retro styles that are popping up everywhere …
Walks suddenly become an adventure. You will go down streets with different, alert eyes, discover ‘sucked’ corners and flying roofs, unmask historicisms and keep an eye out for ‘lattice in aspic’.

Turit Fröbe

Dr. Turit Fröbe is an architecture historian and urbanist. She worked as a research assistant for many years and later taught as a guest lecturer at the College of Fine Arts in Berlin. Her project STADTDENKEREI developed unconventional, playful strategies for building culture mediation and instigated people to take a ‘loving glance’ at buildings around them. Her bestselling book ›Die Kunst der Bausünde‹ (2013) humorously induced a lot of people to rethink and rehabilitated architectural eyesores.