Meine wundervolle Buchhandlung

Petra Hartlieb

Meine wundervolle Buchhandlung

208 pages
Erstmals im Taschenbuch
First day of sale: 19.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6343-3

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ca. 200 pages
Autumn 2014

Nobody has written funnier or more poetically about the love of books

A woman, a family and dream come true

Petra Hartlieb tells her own story in this book. It is the story of a coincidence and the decision to leave one’s old life behind in order to fulfil one’s dream, namely become the owner of a literary bookstore. A bookstore that turned into the living room for her family and the meeting place for the whole neighbourhood. With regular customers that become friends and friends that become regular customers.

Petra Hartlieb tells this story in a snappy and humorous frame of mind, making every line a pleasure to read and every chapter a declaration of love to the world of books.

Petra Hartlieb
lives together with her family in and above a book store. Her own. Originally a crackpot idea while on vacation. She and her husband turned their attention to a recently closed Vienna bookstore with a long tradition. From one day to the next she quit her job and started a new life in a new city without knowing what she was getting herself into. Petra Hartlieb is still a hippie at heart; officially however she has been a businesswoman for ten years.

Rights sold to: Ciela (Bulgarian), SOLBITKIL (Korean), Periferica (Spanish World), Timaş (Turkish)
Petra Hartlieb is a bookseller with a heart – and a wonderful writer

Petra Hartlieb

Petra Hartlieb wurde 1967 in München geboren und ist in Oberösterreich aufgewachsen. Sie studierte Psychologie und Geschichte und arbeitete danach als Pressereferentin und Literaturkritikerin in Wien und Hamburg. 2004 übernahm sie mit ihrem Mann eine Wiener Traditionsbuchhandlung im Stadtteil Währing, heute »Hartliebs Bücher«. Davon erzählt ihr Bestseller ›Meine wundervolle Buchhandlung‹ (2014). Zuletzt erschienen von ihr ›Wenn es Frühling wird in Wien‹ (2017) und ›Weihnachten in der wundervollen Buchhandlung‹ (2018).