Sternstunden der Bedeutungslosigkeit

Rocko Schamoni

Sternstunden der Bedeutungslosigkeit


256 pages

First day of sale: 18.01.2021
ISBN 978-3-8321-8011-9


A novel
About 260 pages
Spring 2007

"Adorno of Punk". Focus

„Rocko Schamoni is funnier than this country permits and more serious than this country desires". TAZ

"A novel going to the extremes. […] The signatory reviewer only can praise and emphasise the Magic Moments of Insignificance". FAZ

"It is exactly what the 250 pages, flirtatiously entitles with Magic Moments of Insignificance, promised: great entertainment with little side blows on the middle-class conformity". DIE WELT

"I left to conquer the world, but the world had already been conquered".

The punk from the village has turned into an urbanite. Not a happy one though. An art student who hates art: poor, unemployed, superfluous. By night he trawls the pubs of the Hamburg Kiez, by day and with a tremendous hangover, he kills time, writes poems or visits a psychologist – life is one big offence!

His only hope is the woman opposite, who flutters her frighteningly beautiful eyes at him. But when it’s finally getting serious, he escapes and goes on tour with a third-rate rock band. Stupid: as a roadie he stands no chance at all with the girls.

Magic Moments of Insignificance tells about everyday life in a waiting loop. The story’s hero is the kind of loser only Rocko Schamoni can invent. He has declared life his personal enemy and challenges it to an absolutely mad duel. Between adorably broken-down figures, Rocko Schamoni drives his indestructible hero again and again into situations with no way out but a dry joke.

Rocko Schamoni

Rocko Schamoni was born in Germany in 1966. He has published several CDs, worked for theatres, movies and on TV, is touring Germany solo or with his band at regular intervals and in the meantime has a devoted fanclub. He has published the novels "Risiko des Ruhms" (2000), "Dorfpunks" (2004), "Sternstunden der Bedeutungslosigkeit" (2007), "Tag der geschlossenen Tür" (2011), "Fünf Löcher Im Himmel" (2016).