Das möge Gott verhüten

Majella Lenzen

Das möge Gott verhüten

Warum ich keine Nonne mehr sein kann

288 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-8509-1


About 280 pages
Autumn 2009

The fascinating life story of a deeply devout woman

A former nun related for the first time about the inhuman structures of the Catholic Church

“Majella Lenzen’s book is important because the problem is still being denied. Nobody can contradict her personal testimony.” Eugen Drewermann

“A book about a very exciting life.”
Hans Küng

“The television blares that we have a new Pope. And shortly thereafter I see Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, who shows himself to the enthusiastic crowd on St. Peter’s Square as Pope Benedict XVI. I am speechless and try to fight back the tears. But I feel pity when I take a moment to look at the Pope as he stands there with all his human frailties.” Majella Lenzen

People talk much about the Catholic Church, and speculate even more because we can only rarely take a look over the walls of the Vatican or a monastery. Majella Lenzen now provides first-hand information; she breaks taboos and reports about her experiences as Sister Maria Lauda.
She served the church for 33 years in Africa. The trained nurse set up a hospital in Tanzania. Leprosy, malaria, Caesarean sections and amputations were a part of her daily routine as the head of Turiani Hospital. She attended management seminars in London, but she remained without a voice in the Church. She is transferred as a Provincial Mother Superior to Zimbabwe, but a conflict develops with the church when she attempts to revise the rules of her order. Her reforms are countermanded and she is reassigned against her will to a heavily HIV affected region where she coordinates the church’s Aids activities. She provoked a final scandal by transporting condoms to the red-light district of Morogoro. She is dismissed by her bishop into a life without any protection and released from her vows.

Majella Lenzen, was born in Aachen in 1938, entered the boarding school of the Order of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood in Neuenbeken/Paderborn in 1953. She took her vows in 1959 and was subsequently known as Sister Maria Lauda. She began working that year as a missionary East Africa. After training as a nurse in Nairobi she set up the Turiani Hospital in Tanzania from 1965 to 1982. From 1982, she headed the Provincial Order in Zimbabwe. She was transferred against her will in 1990 to the Diocese of Moschi where she coordinated the Church's Aids activities. She was released from her vows in 1995.

Majella Lenzen

Majella Lenzen wurde 1938 in Aachen geboren, 1953 trat sie in das Internat des Ordens der Missionsschwestern vom Kostbaren Blut in Neuenbeken/Paderborn ein. 1959 legte sie das Gelübde ab. Als Krankenschwester baute sie von 1965 bis 1982 das Turiani Hospital in Tansania auf. Ab 1982 übernahm sie die Leitung der Ordensprovinz in Simbabwe. Von 1990 bis 1992 koordinierte sie die kirchliche Aids Arbeit in der Diözese Moschi. 1995 wurde sie von den Gelübden entbunden. 2009 erschien im DuMont Buchverlag ›Das möge Gott verhüten – Warum ich keine Nonne mehr sein kann‹ und 2012 ›Fürchte dich nicht! Mein Weg aus dem Kloster‹.