Nach Feierabend

Kathrin Spoerr, Britta Stuff

Nach Feierabend


176 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9765-0

A Novel
ca. 180 pp.
Spring 2015

What happens when we let the mask slip after work?

Laconic, imaginative, disturbing – a book about who we really are

Claudia is gardening. She’s weeding. Why does this bloody stuff exist? She askes herself – but also God, the only person she has to talk to after work. Ida and Marie exchange opt out fantasies; today it’s pig farming, where you can see the animals growing via webcam. Urban eco-freaks should be thrilled at least! Miriam is voted parent representative at her son’s school. And Peter recounts an anecdote about an aquarium fish so that he can briefly delay the moment when he has to enter his dying son’s room.
›After Work‹ accompanies a completely diverse group of people from their offices back to their respective lives. They all work for the same company, but have no idea who their colleagues really are. A novel about secrets and depths, about the difference between work-me and after work-me, and about the existential questions that keep arising in the very small spaces in between.

Kathrin Spoerr

Kathrin Spoerr, 48 Jahre alt, Journalistin. Sie schrieb bislang über sich selbst, weil sie sich damit am besten auskennt, hat aber für dieses Buch mal was anderes versucht. Bislang erschienen von Kathrin Spoerr ›Weibersachen‹ (2012) und ›Das Leben mit mir ist die Hölle für mich‹ (2013).