Die Liebe der Matrosen

Annette Mingels

Die Liebe der Matrosen


346 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-7914-4

Die Liebe der Matrosen / THE LOVE OF THE SAILORS
A Novel, 352 pages

“To tell about the disillusionment of love without falling into sloppy sentimentality or cool pathos – this is what makes up the vibrant tension of this novel. Playful. Wise. Exciting!” Hajo Steinert, Deutschlandfunk

“ A log-book of love.” Brigitte

From seduction to betrayal – a small step

The love of the sailors also exists on land – as a fugitive search for nearness. Klara is in her early twenties when she finds out that her boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend Sylvie. Sylvie has one man after the other until she falls for someone who could be her father. Klara’s parents know the fleetingness of love as well, plunge into affairs and try to start anew. Outbursts of lust are followed by the frightened question, what the price for happiness is and how to decide between desire and renouncement.

Four people tell the stories of their lifes and loves, which are intricately bound into each other. In this game of relationships it is never for sure who is winning and who is losing. As a very good storyteller Annette Mingels uncovers the lives of four people who get entangled in the up and down of hope and disappointment. Obsessed with the search for the longed-for happiness they lose the connection to family and friends and drift like shipwrecked people with no hope to be rescued, deprived of their illusions and innocence.

Annette Mingels

Annette Mingels wurde 1971 in Köln geboren. Sie studierte Germanistik, Sprachwissenschaft und Soziologie und promovierte mit einer Arbeit über Dürrenmatt und Kierkegaard. Sie veröffentlichte die Romane ›Puppenglück‹ (2003), bei DuMont ›Die Liebe der Matrosen‹ (2005), ›Der aufrechte Gang‹ (2006), den Erzählungsband ›Romantiker‹ (2007) sowie ›Tontauben‹ (2010). Annette Mingels lebt für einige Jahre in New Jersey, USA. Auszeichnungen 2008 HALMA-Stipendium 2007 Kulturelle Auszeichnung des Kantons Zürich Platz 10 auf der SWR-Bestenliste Juni (mit dem Erzählband „Romantiker") Förderpreis der Sylt-Quelle 2006 LCB-Aufenthaltsstipendium Berlin Werkjahr der Stadt Zürich Atelier des Kantons Zürich 2005 Platz 6 auf der SWR-Bestenliste Juli (mit dem Roman „Die Liebe der Matrosen") Stipendium „Esslinger Bahnwärter" 2004 Stipendiatin des Achten Klagenfurter Literaturkurses Werkjahr des Kantons Zürich