Berni Mayer



288 pages

First day of sale: 22.01.2019
ISBN 978-3-8321-9840-4

A Novel, ca. 250 pp., Autumn 2016

“A book with romance and relevance” – Süddeutsche Zeitung

“This book goes out to all village children!” - Jasmin Körber, Bayerischer Rundfunk

“In his literary debut ‘Rosalie’, Berni Mayer tells a romantic coming-of-age story set in the Bavarian provinces – and doesn’t fall into any of the usual cliché traps.” - Josef Wirnshofer, Spiegel Online

”Despite a lot of merry-ironic witticisms, a dark shadow lies over […] the story conceived by Mayer. A laconic, adolescent novel well worth reading.”- Gérard Otremba, Rolling Stone

“He narrates in an unexcited manner with excellent observational skills […] evokes curiosity and reflection.” - Bianca Schwarz, Hessischer Rundfunk HR2

”In ‘Rosalie’, Berni Mayer describes his ‘harmless home town’ as a hotbed for toxic connec-tions.” - Jamal Tuschick, DER FREITAG blog

A Village, a First Love – and a Secret that Shatters Everything

After many years, Konstantin returns to the backwater town of his childhood, back to Praam on the black Laaber - deep in the Bavarian countryside. He had always suffered under the narrowness of things here, but he had also experienced his first great love – to Rosalie, and outsider like him. Suddenly everything is back again: the memories of growing up in the village. And also of the shadows from this time, because alongside his tender love story with Rosalie, there was a dark event that unsettled his life at its very core.
Berni Mayer tells the story of a first love kept secret, that more and more becomes a conspir-acy against the authoritarian world of parents and church. And he tells how the discovery of a corpse in a dilapidated, moated castle changes everything. The story behind this body has roots that run deep into the past and reveals the entanglement of the village’s long-time resi-dents with a carefully suppressed atrocity committed during the time of National Socialism. It forces both of them to choose a side, and to decide for or against silence.

Berni Mayer

Berni Mayer, geboren 1974 in Mallersdorf, Bayern, hat Germanistik und Anglistik studiert, war Redaktionsleiter bei MTV und VIVA Online und hat für das Label Mute Records gearbeitet. Berni Mayer lebt mit seiner Familie in Berlin. Er ist Autor und Journalist und arbeitet für diverse Podcasts.