Neue Schlüsselsätze der Liebe

Oskar Holzberg

Neue Schlüsselsätze der Liebe

Was Beziehungen scheitern und was sie gelingen lässt.

240 pages

First day of sale: 25.06.2019
ISBN 978-3-8321-9883-1

NEUE SCHLÜSSELSÄTZE DER LIEBE. Was Beziehungen gelingen und was sie scheitern lässt/
NEW KEY PHRASES OF LOVE. What Makes Relationships Work or Fail
Nonfiction, Psychology/Self-Help
ca. 242pp., Autumn 2017

Orientations for all couples who want to stay together

»Light but effective reading.« - Helga Buss, PROFAMILIA on “Schlüsselsätze der Liebe”

»Oskar Holzberg gives helpful and entertaining tips on how to skilfully master challenges and what helps keep couples together« BONUS MAGAZIN on “Schlüsselsätze der Liebe”

»Holzberg understands how to formulate these central relationship topics into pithy thoughts« WERDE on “Schlüsselsätze der Liebe”

“If you want love you have to dare vulnerability.” – Oskar Holzberg

There are many aspects to relationships: communication, sexuality or power. And there is something that goes even further: the core of a love relationship, the bond, intimacy and closeness between two people. This is precisely what the renowned couples therapist Oskar Holzberg is concerned with in this book. He is primarily researching the conflict area between vulnerability and pain. How can we nurture and care for this core so that a relationship works and makes us happy? How can sexuality and rituals help? And what does love have to do with the courage to openness?
At the same time, ‘New Key Phrases of Love’ also shows what we definitely should not do, what permanently damages our bond. Thereby the Brigitte magazine columnist expands his pithy and entertaining ‘Key Phrases of Love’ with longer, fundamental texts on the do’s and don’ts of love. In short: Oskar Holzberg inspires us to a better and happier love life.

Rights to previous title sold to: Yuan-Liou Publishing (Complex Chinese Characters)

Oskar Holzberg

Oskar Holzberg, geboren 1953, studierte Psychologie und Germanistik in Hamburg. Er ist niedergelassener Psychotherapeut, Supervisor, Dozent und Autor. Die Paartherapie ist ein Schwerpunkt seiner Arbeit. Seit 1984 schreibt er zu psychologischen Themen. Durch seine zahlreichen Zeitschriftenbeiträge gehört er zu den meistgelesenen Psychologen Deutschlands. Zuletzt erschien von ihm 2015 bei DuMont der Band ›Schlüsselsätze der Liebe. 50 kluge Gedanken, die Ihre Beziehung verbessern können‹. Der Autor ist verheiratet, hat drei erwachsene Kinder und lebt in Hamburg.