Mein wundervoller Garten

Gabriele Frydrych

Mein wundervoller Garten

254 pages

First day of sale: 22.01.2019
ISBN 978-3-8321-9846-6


with illustrations by Kirsten Gattermann
ca. 220 pp.
Spring 2017

A declaration of love to gardens


Work in the garden? Contemplate nature? No, thank you. Not for me. Those were Gabriele Frydrych’s thoughts when she and her husband moved into a small row house in Berlin. The overgrown garden with its stand of pines and sandy soil did not interest the teacher at a high-risk school even the slightest. But then some discount-priced bulbs actually grew into snow-drops and narcissus. Robins and titmice swooped onto the breakfast table. And by the time a fox family invaded the property, Ms. Frydrych was a goner. Since that time, she has spent hours lurking in the bushes, in order to take pictures of cavorting fox kits and wrens. She now prefers to spend her money at the garden center than in a boutique, and favors crawling around in the dirt or climbing trees to hang nesting boxes.
Besides that, there is the aesthete, Ms. Frydrych’s cultivated neighbor with his personal gar-dener. Till, the curious neighbor child, and Sabine, the eco-minded friend who carries each of her snails into the woods. Also, Fritz, the robin who quickly trains Ms. Frydrych to set cashews out for him every day on the terrace table.

With a dash of humor and an astonishing attention to detail, Gabriele Frydrych describes her path to becoming a gardener, in addition to the plants, animals and microcosm in her com-munity.

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Gabriele Frydrych

Gabriele Frydrych schreibt seit über fünfzehn Jahren Satiren und Glossen über ihre Erfahrungen als Lehrerin einer Berliner Brennpunktschule, u. a. für die Süddeutsche Zeitung und den Berliner Tagesspiegel. Über ihren Garten schreibt sie regelmäßig Kolumnen für ›Landlust‹ und ›Kraut und Rüben‹. ›Mein wundervoller Garten‹ belegte den dritten Platz des Deutschen Gartenbuchpreises in der Sparte »Bestes Buch zur Gartenprosa und Lyrik«.