Sieh dich nicht um!

Halldis Engelhardt

Sieh dich nicht um!

Die geheime Liebesgeschichte meiner Eltern

320 pages

First day of sale: 20.08.2019
ISBN 978-3-8321-9871-8

SIEH DICH NICHT UM! Die geheime Liebesgeschichte meiner Eltern/
DON’T LOOK BACK! My Parents’ Secret Love Story

A Memoir, with ca, 20 b/w photographs, ca. 328 pp., Spring 2018

“A deeply moving book on love in difficult times and on courage and loyalty in a world gone mad.” – Randi Crott (author of the bestseller Erzähl es niemandem!)

When the Germans invade the small town of Flekkefjord in southern Norway on 20 April 1940, the population is ordered to stand by the roadside. The Norwegians obey the order, but turn their backs on the soldiers. But the 17-year-old, fun-loving and courageous Jorna cannot resist: she turns her head and looks back to steal a glimpse. At that very moment, a young soldier is passing, and fate takes its course. It is love at first sight, a love which is forbidden and faces many obstacles.

In Don’t Look Back!, Halldis Engelhardt explores her parents’ forbidden love story; she reveals the long-kept secret of her mother, who until recently had not told her own children of her shame and how her fellow Norwegians despised women like her.

“For me, exploring her past was a liberation, because I got to know a whole new mother: a woman full of courage and resilience, and – the most beautiful part – someone capable of great love.” - Halldis Engelhardt

Halldis Engelhardt

Halldis Engelhardt, geboren 1951 in Wuppertal, studierte Germanistik und Anglistik in Köln und München und unterrichtete viele Jahre lang an einem Münchener Gymnasium. Sie ist verheiratet und hat eine erwachsene Tochter. Der Kontakt zu den Verwandten in Norwegen ist nie abgebrochen.