Die Entdeckung des Lichts

Ralf Bönt

Die Entdeckung des Lichts


352 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9517-5


A Novel
354 pp.
Autumn 2009

“This novel is an enthralling story and a complex literary work of art at the same time. It will be read for a long time – a forecast almost as reliable as a scientific prediction.”
Daniel Kehlmann, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

“A splendidly enthusiastic, well-researched novel about the life, times and work of the British chemist and physicist Michael Faraday (1791-1867).” – new books in german

“A skilfully condensed Bildungsroman. Literature and physics: at least in this scintillat-ing novel they merge into one culture and at the end the reader may feel pleasantly enlightened.” – Kölner Stadtanzeiger

Seeing the light – a fascinating novel on the beauty of discovery

The world that he was born into in 1791 was not enough for Michael Faraday. The son of a sim-ple blacksmith lacked everything, especially nourishment for his insatiable curiosity. He delivered newspapers instead of going to school – and learned about the world from them. Despite his origins, he soon became a laboratory assistant at the London Royal Institution.
Two phenomena held the scientific world in suspense at that time: electricity and magnetism. What is their relationship to each other? Faraday secretly experimented with how electricity is produced from motion and how motion is produced from electricity. An excursion to the sea-shore gave him the idea to look for a wave structure in light – the first giant step on the path to a physical world formula.
Albert Einstein first discovered a puzzle in Faraday’s harmonies. The thoughts of the two scien-tists span the distance of a century. Their answers changed our notions of the world just as radi-cally as they changed the world itself.
With “Die Entdeckung des Lichts” [The Finding of Light], Ralf Bönt has succeeded in creating a fascinating novel dealing with the beauty of discovery. Ralf Bönt beats a path to the core of an early science that never stood still on its path to enlightenment.

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Ralf Bönt

Ralf Bönt wurde 1963 in Lich geboren und lebt in Berlin. Nach einer Handwerkerlehre studierte er Physik. Forschungsaufenthalte brachten ihn unter anderem ans Genfer CERN. Ralf Bönt veröffentlichte Erzählungen, Romane, Hörspiele und Essays. Er wurde ausgezeichnet u.a. mit dem 3sat-Preis, dem Book Office Grant New York und Stipendien der Akademien in Berlin und Rom.