Ulf Miehe



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Ulf Miehe

A Novel (Crime)
464 pp.
(new edition spring 2010)

The classic German crime novel

“The Puma” wants to land the greatest coup of his career. He kidnaps Billie, the daughter of a tank manufacturer. But she turns out to be an unpredictable component in this life and death game. With sales of over 350,000 copies, Ulf Miehe’s thrilling underworld ballad is one of the classics of the genre.

“He is the best crime novelist that Germany ever produced.” Jörg Fauser

Ulf Miehe,
born on 10 May 1940, was known as a writer and film director. He was one of the first writers to render the cool sounds of hardboiled American crime novels in German. His first novel, “Ich habe noch einen Toten in Berlin,” was filmed under the title “Output” and his breakthrough came with “Puma.” Ulf Miehe died in Munich in 1989.

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Rights available except Dutch, English, Portuguese

Ulf Miehe

Ulf Miehe, geboren am 10. Mai 1940, wurde als Schriftsteller und Filmregisseur bekannt. Er war einer der ersten Schreiber, die den coolen Sound der amerikanischen Hardboiled-Krimis ins Deutsche übertrug. Sein Debütroman ›Ich habe noch einen Toten in Berlin‹ wurde unter dem Totel ›Output‹ verfilmt. Mit ›Puma‹ gelang ihm der Durchbruch. Ulf Miehe starb 1989 in München.

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