Mihriban pfeift auf Gott

Hilal Sezgin

Mihriban pfeift auf Gott


352 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9554-0


350 pp.
Summer 2010

“Hilal Sezgin’s “Mihriban pfeift auf Gott” is an exceptionally entertaining novel dealing with political prohibitions on thinking, the fear of terrorism, Islamophobia, the arbitrariness of state power and radical Islamism. It remains on a consistently high linguistic and humoristic level at the delicate and difficulty modelled crossroads between nimble-footed cheerful satire and ambitiously unmasking farce that offers us many very perceptive insights from the parallel world of secular Turks born in Germany.” JÜDISCHE ZEITUNG

A German-Turkish picaresque novel

Terror, love and family: an entertaining novel dealing with life in a nervous society where every Muslim is assumed to be a potential terrorist.

Mihriban Erol is German-Turkish, 32 years old, has lips made to be kissed, and yet has little experience with men. She lives in Berlin-Kreuzberg, falls asleep during the evening news and is superb at her job of being a professional bungler.
When she spends New Year’s Eve on vacation in Egypt with her brother Mesut and niece Suna, the news of a terror attack in Germany reaches their holiday resort: Bottles of Champagne have been poisoned; the first victims are in hospital in the republic. And suddenly the threat seems very close at hand: Does her brother have anything to do with the attack? Why did he plan a trip to Mecca? Is it faith that made him so pious or is it the camouflaged flight of an entire terrorist cell? And what role does homeland security play in the matter? Must the offender be presented faster than suspects can be found?
In an engaging and thrilling race against time, the web of suspense grows tighter and entire biographies, love stories and friendships are suddenly called into question. Hilal Sezgin examines central questions of our times in an entertaining and light-footed fashion, seemingly redefining the values of an enlightened society in passing.

Hilal Sezgin

Hilal Sezgin, geboren 1970 in Frankfurt am Main, studierte Philosophie sowie Soziologie und Germanistik und ein bisschen Biologie; M.A. 1995. Sie begann 1996 als Praktikantin und freie Mitarbeiterin beim Hessischen Rundfunk und arbeitete ab 1999 sieben Jahre lang im Feuilleton der Frankfurter Rundschau. 2007 zog Sezgin in die Lüneburger Heide, um mehr Bücher zu schreiben. Seither arbeitet sie als freie Autorin für viele Medien, z. B. die taz, Frankfurter Rundschau, Berliner Zeitung, DIE ZEIT, zeitonline, NDR und WDR.