Der Fälscher

Cay Rademacher

Der Fälscher


368 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9695-0


A Crime novel
about 336 pp.
Autumn 2013

“The story is gripping, the language forceful, the setting absorbing.”
New Books in German on “Der Trümmermörder”

“A gripping crime novel, a riveting history book.”
Brigitte on “Der Trümmermörder”

The monetary reform of 1948: chief inspector Stave investigates in the forger milieu

Hamburg: While on a routine assignment, chief inspector Frank Stave is gunned down. He sur-vives, but he resigns his post at the homicide division in order to finally restore some peace to his life. But the dead do not leave him in peace. He has only just transferred to Department S, which battles the black market, when Stave is confronted with a puzzling case: the women who are clearing the war-time debris in the ruins of a counting house discover works of art from the Weimar period – right next to a corpse whose identity the colleague from the homicide squad apparently does not want to clear up. Shortly thereafter, Lieutenant MacDonald familiarises Stave with a further problem: mysterious bank notes are turning up on the black market, the existence of which are disturbing the secret plans of the allies. The chief inspector soon discovers curious parallels between the two cases. When day X arrives, the day the new currency is to be introduced, which has been rumoured about for weeks in the city, Stave seems to be close to solving the two cases. But the truth is dangerous, and not only for him …

Rights sold to: English World (Arcadia); French World (Le Masque)

Cay Rademacher

Cay Rademacher, geboren 1965, ist freier Journalist und Autor. Bei DuMont erschienen seine Kriminalromane ›Der Trümmermörder‹ (2011), ›Der Schieber‹ (2012) und ›Der Fälscher‹ (2013) sowie ›Mörderischer Mistral‹ (2014), ›Tödliche Camargue‹ (2015), ›Brennender Midi‹ (2016) und ›Gefährliche Côte Bleue‹ (2017), die ersten vier Fälle für Capitaine Roger Blanc. Cay Rademacher lebt mit seiner Familie in der Nähe von Salon-de-Provence in Frankreich.