Das sagt mir was!

Christian Saehrendt, Steen T. Kittl

Das sagt mir was!

Sprachführer Deutsch – Kunst, Kunst – Deutsch

248 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9094-1


Das sagt mir was!
Deutsch – Kunst
Kunst - Deutsch

That means something to me!
Phrase book
German – Art
Art – German

Ca. 180 pages with circa 50 illustrations
Autumn 2008

How to survive a discussion about art with dignity

Bad works, high prices, empty catchphrases. Is that everything there is to say about contemporary art? Talking about art is paradoxical. We attempt to comprehend a work of art with speech. But a decisive feature of art is its very lack of terms. The artwork’s unformulatable productivity often makes speaking about art so difficult, incomprehensible, embarrassing and phrase-like. A verbal insider mystic resulted from this lingual emergency. Do we lack the licence to understand a work of art when we are unable to understand what the experts say about it?
The first phrase book has now appeared that mercilessly translates the esoteric art jargon of the connoisseur, including dealers, collectors, into a generally understandable language. “That means something to me!” not only explains the most important technical terms, but also provides countless tips on how to survive a discussion about art with dignity: one quickly and easily learns the “foreign language of art” and also gains much valuable information about the business of contemporary art on the side.

Christian Saehrendt

CHRISTIAN SAEHRENDT, geboren 1968 in Kassel, ist Historiker und Kunsthistoriker und wurde 2002 an der RuprechtKarls-Universität Heidelberg promoviert. Er lebt in Berlin und am Thuner See in der Schweiz. Bei DuMont erschienen u. a. 2015 ›Gefühlige Zeiten. Die zwanghafte Sehnsucht nach dem Echten‹ sowie seine gemeinsam mit Steen T. Kittl verfassten Bücher ›Das kann ich auch!‹ (2007/2013), ›Das sagt mir was!‹ (2008), ›Geier am Grabe van Goghs‹ (2010), ›Du hast die Haare schön!‹ (2014), ›Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg? Vom wahren Wert der Kunst‹ (2016).