Der kalte Traum

Oliver Bottini

Der kalte Traum


448 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9659-2


A Crime-Novel
Ca. 400 pp.
Spring 2012

German Crime Novel Prize 2013
(Deutscher Krimipreis 2013)

“With a magnetic plot and chilling contemporary ring, Bottini’s riveting new crime thriller is reminescent of Frederick Forsyth’s The Day of the Jackal. (…) The work of a master craftsman.” new books in german spring 2012

“A terrific political thriller biting with anger and chilliness.” - Die Zeit

“Only rarely has one so excellently succeeded in visualising complex political history in such a thrilling plot.” Tobias Gohlis/Die Zeit

“Oliver Bottini picked out a difficult, heavily-mined terrain for himself, and the author – a multiple winner of the Deutscher Krimi Preis – proves that his preparations and research of the material was first rate. The dialogues are pointed and so are the protagonists; even the rather underhanded characters are lovingly described.” Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Bottini again manages to convey to us the history of the bloody ‘ethnic cleansings’ in the Balkan that cost the lives of thousands of victims based on a cleverly constructed plot. And in the process we have to re-think our narrow-minded view of Yugoslavia’s war of breakup. This view, and this is also a theme of the book as well, is owed to the propaganda lies spread by the Ruder Finn public relations firm hired by the Croatians. Truth is always the first victim of war. And this truism is also illustrated by this successful, sol-idly researched crime novel.” Knud Cordsen, Deutschlandradio Kultur

“Written without gimmickry in a clear language, this atmospheric novel unfolds a polyphonic drama of human and political failure.” Spiegel online

A steely political crime novel against the backdrop of the Balkan War
Rottweil, a small idyllically-situated city in the Swabian Alps: Saša Jordan stands in front of the family’s farm and waits. They see him from inside. But he waits. He has time. Time is all he needs until they are worn out, until they voluntarily give him what he wants from them. Thomas Ćavar was German. He had just finished school and bought a red Ford Granada so he and his girlfriend Jelena could enjoy the free time they had until starting university. But then the war broke out that would change everything: Wasn’t Croatia their real home? Didn’t they have to fight for their independence? Thomas Ćavar fought – and died. Now, 15 years later, questions about Thomas Ćavar’s death suddenly emerged: Yvonne Ahrens, a German journalist working in Zagreb, came across indications of Croatian war crimes and a young soldier who was supposedly very involved in them. Richard Ehringer, a former politician, asks his nephew at the Berlin police department to find out more about Ćavar’s war mission. And Saša Jordan, a Croatian intelli-gence official, investigates in Rottweil. There, where everything began. Someone must know something – about whether Thomas Ćavar is still alive. A cold-blooded hunt begins …

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Oliver Bottini

Oliver Bottini wurde 1965 geboren. Für seine Romane erhielt er zahlreiche Preise, u. a. den Krimipreis von Radio Bremen, den Berliner »Krimifuchs«, den Stuttgarter Krimipreis und fünfmal den Deutschen Krimi Preis, zuletzt 2018 für ›Der Tod in den stillen Winkeln des Lebens‹. Bei DuMont erschienen außerdem ›Der kalte Traum‹ (2012) und ›Ein paar Tage Licht‹ (2014) sowie die Kriminalromane um die Freiburger Kommissarin Louise Bonì. Oliver Bottini lebt mit seiner Familie in Frankfurt am Main.