Eine kurze Geschichte der Musik

Christiane Tewinkel

Eine kurze Geschichte der Musik

250 pages

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ISBN 978-3-8321-7934-2

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Christiane Tewinkel
Eine kurze Geschichte der Musik / A Short History of Music
About 240 pages with 30 b/w pictures
Spring 2007

“Christiane Tewinkel writes with youthful drive; lively, comprehensible and amusing.” SWR

„…her beautiful, fast, and cunning recitative of music history knows neither hollowness nor does it communicate boredom. (...) The Author cannot conceal her pleasure in the subject and her knowledge of composition and arrangement. She consistently takes up established leitmotivs like music and figure, music and the church, and music and notation. Themes like the legend of Orpheus or Tristan are repeatedly mentioned. Thus, Tewinkel’s fresh and sometimes prying parlando almost appears as a motet itself. (…) Moreover Tewinkel writes not only a little history of music, but also a great social history.” Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Everyone would have loved to have this woman as a music teacher!” Die Welt

Would you have known that Mozart could get frightfully excited about the unimaginativeness of a pupil? That Handel acted as an opera producer and went bankrupt several times? That Beethoven conducted despite his deafness? Christiane Tewinkel’s survey of the history of music covers now recognised masterpieces of classical music and the great men and women who wrote them – from the ancient Greeks to the present day. Her tour is also an invitation to meet those playing in the background: singing monks, resourceful piano makers, queens and infant prodigies, beautiful muses and even music critics. "A Short History of Music" is readable without any previous knowledge: Christiane Tewinkel is telling stories behind the music in a pleasurable, informative and extremely vivid way. She explains the most important developments and arouses curiosity for listening and re-listening to music of all periods.

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Christiane Tewinkel

Christiane Tewinkel, geboren 1969, studierte in Freiburg Schulmusik, Germanistik und Anglistik, an der Harvard University Musikwissenschaft und Musiktheorie und wurde in Würzburg promoviert. Sie arbeitet als Musikwissenschaftlerin in Berlin und schreibt für die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung und den Tagesspiegel über Musik. Bei DuMont erschienen ›Bin ich normal, wenn ich mich im Konzert langweile?‹ (2004), ›Eine kurze Geschichte der Musik‹ (2007) und zuletzt ›Das Kleine Schwarze‹ (2009).