Aus dem Bauch heraus

Yessica Yeti

Aus dem Bauch heraus

Eine Autobabygrafie

254 pages
First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6264-1

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Yessica Yeti
Aus dem Bauch heraus. Eine Babygraphie /
A Babygraphy

ca. 200 pp.
Spring 2014

For all Babies and those who once were a baby
The world’s funniest book in which a baby appears

“There are many ways to find the right name for one’s child. Most of them, however, lead to results that make life hell for their bearers. They are taken from novels, name books and relatives, from comics or porno movies. Some of us are named after our hated, sloppy-kissing grandmoth-ers, others after top athletes from the 1970s with their terrible haircuts. There are children named George, Paul, Ringo and John, others even Howard, Jason, Mark, Robbie and Gary. These are bad enough! But what if our mothers had been Ozzie Osbourne fans or Trekkies? Or just plain and simply stupid?
Some people name their children after the places where they were conceived. The offspring of widely-travelled parents are called Paris, Vienna or San Diego. The children poorer parents are called Newark, Manchester or Mazda. If my parent had followed this recommendation, my name would be Love. My parents claim I was conceived “in love.” It was probably rotten, clumsy sex anyway and occasioned by the fact that there was nothing good on television that night, but it was heartfelt love.
My name is Christian. Not too many people know that. Hardly anyone calls me that. But my name is Christian. Christian is my generation’s most popular boy’s name, and it is neither practical nor original to have that name. At least it is better than Norbert.
I hate Christian. Most people call me Yessica. I write music, write about music, write about people who make music, listen to music, work as a DJ and hang around with people who do more of less the same thing. I am a worker in the realm of music in every sense of the word, slightly over 40, happily childless, in an uninterrupted long-term relationship with ever-changing partners for 25 years. And I always lived alone. Until two years ago. Then came Lillie.

And my life started all over again.

This is a book about two people who have a baby and have no idea what to do.
And this is also a book for people who do not want read a book about two people who have a baby and have no idea what to do.
It is the funniest book of its type that was ever written.” – Yessica Yeti

Yessica Yeti

Yessica Yeti ist Musiker, Medienschaffender, Moderator, Journalist, Rheinländer, Pop-Kolumnist, Werbetexter und Vater. 1990 gründete er die Punkpop-Band Yeti Girls. Neben seinen kultisch verehrten Kolumnen für unclesally*s, Piranha und Greatest Berlin verfasste er unzählige musikjournalistische Beiträge, Künstlerbiografien und ›Zirkus – das Buch‹, die Tour-Retrospektive der Band MIA. Aktuell arbeitet Yessica Yeti als Werbetexter, Kolumnist und Musiker in seiner Wahlheimat Berlin.