Der dunkle See

Conny Schwarz

Der dunkle See


318 pages
Original edition
First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6309-9

A Crime Novel
ca. 300 pp.
Spring 2015

„A great debut with a dishevelled heroine which takes the reader’s hearts easily.”
Kölner Stadtanzeiger on “Das Mädchen im Feuer”

Thea Dombrowski and the dead man in the forest

Local reporter Thea Dombrowski has managed to fit back into her old and now new hometown Wartenburg. Which might be due to the fact that a lot more happens in the idyllic small town than she had expected. One day her neighbour Mrs Ullreich rings her doorbell and asks for her help – her son Benjamin has disappeared. Thea starts making enquiries and discovers Benjamin’s almost fantastical interest in conspiracy theories. The high-school graduate was part of a school project team that discussed the repercussions of 9/11, and an active member at that. Did this have anything to do with his disappearance?

While Thea gets more and more involved in Benjamin’s social surroundings, strange things begin to happen in Wartenburg. A herd of cattle and pigs gallop through the main shopping street at dawn, the river overflows its banks and floods entire districts. Burglaries take place where nothing is stolen.

When Benjamin’s teacher and school project team leader is eventually found dead in the forest, it quickly becomes clear that something has to happen to stop the situation getting out of control …

Conny Schwarz,
grew up in Southern Germany and moved to Berlin during her student days in the 90s. This was followed by various projects in film and television, as well as extensive sojourns in Italy and the South of France. Published with DuMont so far ›Das Mädchen im Feuer‹ (2014). Conny Schwarz now lives in Berlin and the Havelland with her two children.

Conny Schwarz

Conny Schwarz ist das Pseudonym des Autorenduos Kristin Uhlig und Martin Maurer. Beide sind in Süddeutschland aufgewachsen, schreiben Drehbücher für Film und Fernsehen und leben, mit einigen Unterbrechungen, seit fast zwanzig Jahren in Berlin. Bei DuMont erschien bislang ›Das Mädchen im Feuer‹ (2014).